Why Is Building A House With Lots Of Natural Light Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

According to some scientific research, lack of natural light and dark space can considerably influence your well-being and enhance depressive feelings. On the other hand, a well-lit space will make your home appear wider and spacier, have a positive influence on your mental health, mood, save you a considerable amount of money due to lower energy bills. Rooms with limited natural light tend to have a musty smell and it is not healthy to spend time in this space. Contrary to this, natural sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant and allowing the sun into your rooms will help you get rid of the musty atmosphere. Besides this, there are some more reasons why you should let a lot of natural light into your rooms and how it can influence your wellbeing.

Energy Conservation 

As previously mentioned, people who let loads of natural light into their houses tend to pay less due to energy conservation. Basically, your home is naturally heated with the influence of the sun’s rays, and you do not have to put your heating system on the maximum. When sunlight hits large windows, then the warmth is being spread equally, and the very process is fastened. Anyway, with proper shutters, you can choose how much light you want in your house, and as interior shutter specialists suggest, you do not have to compromise between too much light and no light at all when you can have both by just adjusting your shutter’s wings. If you are a fan of new technologies and believe in their efficiency, then the smartest move for you is to turn natural light into energy and decrease your electricity bills to the bare minimum.

Natural light is used as the natural heating system, but it can be used as natural lightning as well. Not only will this regulate light pollution but will save you a couple of dollars for lighting your place free. Normally, places with less natural light will need more artificial lighting resulting in higher power bills, even though they use cost-effective light bulbs. Loads of natural light is the first factor for building an energy-efficient home and installing windows, doors, and any glass-related option might be a higher sum than any energy bill, but will not make you additional costs whatsoever.

Natural Light Will Provide You With Nutrients 

Most people know that natural light is needed for obtaining a natural dose of vitamin D, but not many people know why we need this vitamin so much. Vitamin D is essential for natural bone growth and development, while low levels of vitamin D are closely associated with depression, obesity, and multiple sclerosis, even though we need more scientific studies that will confirm this link. There are different ways of obtaining critical amounts of vitamin D we need for normal functioning, and besides natural light that is required for the vitamin D synthesis, you should consider adding to your diet, naturally fatty fish like salmon, herring, and tuna.

Increases Focus 

Recent studies showed that workers exposed to a bigger amount of light tend to be more productive and have a higher level of working morale and do better while performing their regular tasks and some isolated actions like remembering numbers. Regardless of the fact you are working from home or office, you will need a sufficient amount of natural light in your space for increasing your productivity and focus. Although there should be more studies confirming this, employees being exposed to sunlight during their working hours had better productivity rates, had low levels of sick leave, and did not procrastinate.

Keeps You Safe From Mold 

It sounds traditional, but good ventilation, well-aired and lit spaces are fresher than compact houses and dinghy windows. Logic suggests that ventilated homes with loads of natural light are free of germs and mold. By letting natural light in and with proper ventilation, you will minimize humidity inside your home and therefore prevent mold growth inside your house. Having big windows allowing natural light into your home will not only disinfect your space but are amazing for ventilation because they can let more fresh air in than some other smaller options.

The benefits of natural light for your well-being are multiple and will make your life of better quality. It has some benefits that you are not even aware of, like better mental health, increased focus, synthesis of vitamin D. Besides this, it can benefit your physical wellbeing since sunlight promotes serotonin secretion and will inspire you to be more productive.

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