Zoom Teeth Whitening: A Complete Guide

There is no denying that everybody wishes for brighter and whiter teeth. And, why not? After all, whiter teeth look more attractive and also helps in elevating both success and happiness. Unfortunately, our teeth tend to lose their luster and darken with the passing of time. Aside from this, the staining and discoloration caused by consuming certain foods and drinks can further take a toll. However, there is no reason to fret considering the dental advancements and the magic they could weave. You don’t need to let a dental concern such as this hold you back from giving off a 100-watt smile. All you need to do is opt for a professional teeth whitening session considering it is by far the most popular and sought-after dental procedure in the entire world now. Speaking of this, it is not only popular but also a very simple method if you are looking to transform your teeth’s color.

While there are plenty of different teeth whitening treatments, Zoom teeth whitening remains the top choice of most dentists as they deem it to be one of the best and safest whitening solutions.

Dental Consultation And TreatmentPlan

Before your dentist decides whether or not zoom teeth whitening is right for you, he will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth. This is to determine the health of your teeth and to discuss your oral hygiene routine in addition to the lifestyle habits to choose the best teeth whitening technique.

Other than this, if you are planning to go for other aesthetic dental treatments, for example veneers, your dentist may ask you to first undergo teeth whitening. This is to make sure that the outcome is natural, authentic and appealing.

Moreover, the dental consultation is also conducted to evaluate any existing dental work that you might have done to determine the next course of action of the zoom teeth whitening treatment.

The Procedure

The entire procedure is, at maximum, an hour long. However, a regular teeth scaling procedure is suggested before the actual zoom teeth whitening treatment. The procedure starts with preparation for the coverage of lips and gums. The leaves the teeth exposed. Subsequently, whitening gel is applied in combination with zoom light in order for it to penetrate the teeth and break down the stubborn staining and discoloration. While the light gets activated, the gel is left in place for about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the patient can sit back and relax, perhaps watch TV or listen to their favorite music.

The total treatment time is 45 minutes comprising three gel application sessions, each 15-min long. Patients with severe dental anxiety or high gag reflex may face difficulty undergoing this zoom teeth whitening procedure. However, once done, a fluoride gel is applied which helps in reducing the levels of sensitivity.

How To Maintain The Effects

Your dentist will provide a zoom teeth whitening touch-up kit consisting of customized whitening trays and with it will come “how to use” instructions. Other than this, your dentist will advise you to not consume certain high-pigmented food and drinks to maintain the whitening effects. Or maybe you will be asked to consume them in moderate amounts. This can include tomato sauce, red wine, tea or coffee, etc. Furthermore, it is also best to avoid smoking as tobacco can cause staining.

As with any treatment, regular brushing and flossing is recommended with this one too in addition to using an alcohol-free mouthwash and timely dental follow-ups with the dentist.

Does The Treatment Hurt?

It is safe to say that it in no way hurts but yes the patients can experience slight discomfort. To put it exactly, some people might experience sensitivity during the treatment. This is because the zoom light produces a certain level of heat that can be a source of discomfort. Post treatment, the patients might encounter minor tingling which settles over time. Bear in mind that your dentist will definitely provide anti-sensitivity toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity. Here are six things you must know about zoom teeth whitening https://dentakay.com/zoom-teeth-whitening/

Who Can Go For Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It is not suggested for children under 13 years of age or for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Additionally, it is important to note that it might work for some people while it won’t for others. Only your dentist can determine whether or not it will prove to be effective after a thorough dental consultation, including a shade assessment.

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