5 Reasons Boxing Is The Ultimate Workout

While going toe-to-toe for twelve rounds might not seem like the most enjoyable way to break a sweat, boxing has incredible health benefits. Joining a respected boxing gym in San Diego will allow you to get an excellent workout and teach you to box under the tutelage of experts. Even if self-defense training doesn’t seem like something you’re interested in, boxing is beneficial in many ways.

1. It’s An Intense Cardio Workout

Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts. You have to move your arms, legs, and hips. When training one-on-one, you have to give it your total energy. You’ll feel exhausted after doing it, and you will also burn a lot of calories. Boxing is not only fun, but it’s one of the best ways to get in shape.

2. It Helps You Build Endurance

Boxing is all about endurance. An entire session can take up to an hour, requiring you to keep punching the bag, practicing jabs, and moving your hips. At first, you will feel drained after just half a session, but you’ll eventually build up more endurance.


This endurance will enable you to run for longer, cycle for extended periods, and be more athletic overall. You will also learn how to push yourself. If you are doing weight training, getting used to pushing yourself will allow you to start lifting heavier weights and build more lean muscle.

3. It Works Your Abs

Not many people know this, but boxing puts an enormous stress on your abs. When punching, you have to rotate your core. There’s a reason many boxers have six-packs. Boxing is the ultimate core and ab workout, allowing you to build overall strength and be more confident in yourself.

4. It Increases Your Strength

You don’t need to be a powerlifter to be a boxer. However, while boxing is about technique, it’s also about strength. You will learn how to rotate your hips and use your hip power to deliver strong punches.

It’s not just your arms you will be strengthening, though. You will learn how to maintain better posture, which is vital for avoiding back pain and all injuries during weight training. In the long run, boxing complements cardio and weight lifting, making you better at each.

5. It Builds Your Confidence

Finally, boxing helps build your confidence. You will feel great – not to mention powerful. You will no longer feel intimidated to go to the gym, knowing that you can deliver knockout punches. As you keep boxing, you will start noticing your body changing and looking better.

Boxing is not just a great workout but also great for self-defense. The techniques you will learn in your boxing classes are not just great in the gym but also useful in real life. You will learn how to punch and move explosively to pack more power into each punch.

Boxers also train in the defensive, not just the offensive. You will learn how to defend yourself against all types of punches, including the most common ones you will experience on the street.

Before you go

Boxing is not just the ultimate self-defense art. It will also help you become stronger and more fit overall. Don’t let boxing intimidate you – the basics are straightforward, and you’ll become confident in moves like the jab and cross in no time.

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