Best Vitamins for Hair Growth and Healthy Skin

How to be fit on the inside? It’s a frequently asked question that needs to be addressed properly. Both our internal health and our external health; the way we look, is mainly influenced by our diet and depends on whether or not we are taking in a sufficient number of nutrients into our system.

A healthy diet might also include taking some supplements suggested by your doctor, if your body doesn’t absorb them through the food you consume. By adding vitamins, herbs and minerals to your daily intake, not only our hair and skin will reap the benefits, but we will also achieve an optimum health level. Choosing the right vitamins and other supplements might seem quite complicated, though, and it must always be done in consultation with a doctor prior to making any steps on your own.

What Causes the Symptoms?

According to the National Institute of Health and the Mayo Clinic, hair loss, wrinkles and other symptoms of unhealthy hair and skin are caused by free radicals in our body. These free radicals break down our cells and cause various symptoms.

Vitamins that encourage hair growth also help fight against free radicals, since they act as antioxidants. By incorporating proper vitamins into our daily eating habits and paying attention to our overall daily routine, we can achieve excellent results.

Good Choice of Vitamins

If you suffer from certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it will show in the appearance of your hair and skin. For example, hair tends to lack shine, instead looking dull and lifeless when you lack vitamin B. Tracy Piper, a health and beauty expert from The Piper Center, states that the best choice in this case is a good multivitamin complex with active B vitamins –

“I say active because we want B12 to have the methyl group attached to make sure we absorb it, just in case we have a detoxification issue.”

vitamins for healthy hair

Other vitamins she suggests to be taken include: vitamins B1 and D for hair growth as well as vitamin E because it gives hair bounce and shine. The National Institute of Health says that vitamin A also has an impact on your hair and skin as it helps normalise cell growth and increases your cell renewal rate. Vitamin C may help your skin look younger, as it plays an important role in forming collagen; collagen is a protein that stimulates skin production and keeps your skin elastic.

Vitamin C should be taken through supplements, since our body does not produce or store it. Another way of getting enough vitamins is by using vitamins intravenously with the help of iv therapy. This way the body absorbs all the needed nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins instantly. For those who are interested, please find more information by checking Liquid Life’s website, which offers iv therapy in LA.

Minerals in Action

When it comes to minerals, zinc affects hair colour, so its deficiency leads to grey hair. Magnesium makes the hair stronger, while niacin and iron both encourage hair growth and without iron, hair becomes dull, thin and dry.

minerals in action

Iron is found in spinach, cashews and oysters. This mineral activates B vitamins and thus helps your skin glow and look healthier. However, iron supplements are recommended only to patients who suffer from iron deficiency. The doctor is the one who decides how much iron you need to take, as too much iron can cause free radical damage to skin structures, as stated by Soheil Simzar, MD, a clinical instructor of dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Energy, Sleep and Hair and Skin Issues

Our optimum health mostly depends on our everyday routine – how much sleep we get, what we eat and what we do in order to maintain our energy high. A restful night of sleep is sometimes interrupted if a body lacks certain vitamins and minerals. Also, our body should have enough stored energy that comes from the core, and not use up the energy that is quickly consumed. Active B12 and folic acid are recommended when it comes to boosting energy, while vitamins B3, D, and magnesium and melatonin help with sleep problems.


When addressing skin and hair issues, health experts usually recommend certain high quality supplements, such as Hairfinity, for instance. These supplements contain vitamins that are essential to the health of your hair, in as much as a good diet, enough sleep and a relaxed mind are essential for our overall well-being.

Most common health problems are caused by an irregular diet that lacks the nutrients our body needs. Just remember, by making ourselves healthy on the inside, our beauty will shine on the outside.

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