Busy Moms Fashion 101

Becoming a mom will make you have different priorities than you had pre-child. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to look frumpy and not care about what you wear. Even with all the mom duties and work, you can manage to look presentable and even chic. How? Easily enough – all you need is a few handy busy moms fashion tips from us, and you’ll be looking fierce with your little one in your arms.

Stick To Staple Pieces

It’s time you get rid of all the oversized sweatpants and hoodies, and bid adieu to chunky cardigans. Embrace the staple pieces such as blazers, dress shirts and jeans, and rock your way to the top. A long blazer that hits just below your hips and is slightly designed to accentuate your waist will give your body the shape it needs while concealing all the unflattering parts of you. A pair of women’s high waisted jeans will offer style and comfort without making you worry they’ll fall down as you sit down and stand up. Not to mention that the midsection will be safely tucked in too. You should look for quality tees, basic straight-leg pants, and flowing skirts too. Those will be easy to mix and match for both work and spare time activities.

Wear Comfortable But Chic Shoes

Comfortable footwear is everything. Aside from allowing you to walk all day, without having sore feet afterwards, it will also prevent back, neck and other body pain. So, investing in comfortable and stylish sneakers is the first thing to do. Looking for trendy ankle boots will allow you to look trendy and walk every which way without feeling exhausted after 10 minutes. Black, grey, camel and nude are the colours to go for. If you’re back at work already, choose pumps with a moderately high heel to prevent putting too much stress on your feet. When it comes to shoes, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap shoes are often made from inferior materials, which means they won’t last as long and may not be as comfortable. It’s best to spend a little bit more on a quality pair and take care of them by washing your shoes every few months.

Always Accessorize

Accessories should be an inevitable part of your look. From statement earrings to a fun necklace and a vibrant scarf, you’ll look fierce with all those embellishments. They’ll make the entire outfit look more put together and offer a focal point that makes an outfit interesting and unique. As any mum, you cannot imagine going out without carrying a bag. Well, you might as well make it noticeable and invest in a stylish fur bag that will offer enough room for all your necessities and look chic with the rest of the outfit. Hats, belts, brooches and bracelets should all be a part of your accessories collection and complement your outfits accordingly.

Have A Colour Palette That Fits

One of the best ways to prevent spending precious minutes in front of the wardrobe choosing clothes is to know your colour palette. Mixing and matching hues can be stressful and take too much time that you can otherwise use to be with your child or run last-minute errands. So, pick out a neutral or classic colour palette that’s flattering to your complexion, hair colour and your personality. Nude, black and white, red and white, or maybe grey and navy will work perfectly.

Add A Pop Of Colour Here And There

If you go for a neutral colour palette, that will leave you plenty of room to add a pop of colour with accessories and makeup. Red lipstick will be the perfect companion to a nude pantsuit, or your black blazer and jeans combo. How about a pair of red pumps to break the pattern of a white-on-white outfit? Colourful scarves, vibrant hats and bags will all add the necessary liveliness into your outfit and make you look fabulous.

Is mom life giving you a hard time deciding how to dress for work? No worries, you can do it. Just follow our basic tips, and you’ll look fabulous in no time. Take time to re-evaluate your wardrobe, invest in staple pieces, accessorize and try to add a pop of colour whenever possible.

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