Love Corn Review – Premium Crunchy Corn Snacks

Say the word snack to any parent and you’ll likely be met with a knowing eye roll. You see kids are like snack locusts. They will bleed your fridge and cupboards dry. Homeschooling highlighted this fact even more so, and if you need any further proof I’ll be happy to forward on my shopping receipts from this time for you to take a look at!

It is very easy to fall into unhealthy habits when it comes to snacking – biscuits, crisps, sugar riddled cereal bars – and despite my best attempts at trying to get my kids to choose healthy snacks, at 11 and nearly 13 years of age they certainly don’t listen to their mum any more. One of the perks of being a blogger however, is being sent tasty food products to review that I can also test out on the kids in the hope that we might discover a new healthier snack to add to the vending machine that is my kitchen.

What Is Love Corn?

OK so you’d be forgiven for thinking this is another popcorn brand trying to make its way onto an already saturated market. It’s not. Love Corn is made from roasted corn kernels, which give them a crunch like no other. Mix in a little bit of oil and a few spices and that is it. No nasties, no weird synthetic flavourings, no added rubbish, just plain and simple natural foods – although let’s be clear here these are far from plain and simple in the taste department, but we’ll move onto that in a bit.

Throw in the fact they’re plant based, vegan, gluten free, verified Kosher and Non GMO, and you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy snack choice right there.

Love Corn is available in four flavours:

  • Sea Salt
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Smoked BBQ
  • Habanero Chilli

And four portion sizes:

  • 20g – snack pack – ideal for kids lunchboxes.
  • 45g – portion size – ideal for work lunchboxes.
  • 115g – sharing bag – ideal for family movie nights.

And are available to buy either from the Love Corn website or from Amazon and some of the leading supermarkets.

What Did We Really Think About Love Corn Snacks?

My daughter is a bit fussy when it comes to food. She knows what she likes and she likes what she knows and is very hesitant to try new things. I remember as a toddler the only meat she’d eat was chicken and the way we got round it was by telling her that ham was pink chicken and beef was brown chicken. Hey don’t judge me, it worked OK! She has got better, but I knew that to get her to try all four flavours I’d need to be a bit sneaky. So I tipped some of each packet into a white bowl and got her to try them without knowing which flavour was which – although she sussed out the chilli flavour pretty quickly just by the look and instantly ruled that one out, but that’s fair enough I’ll let her off that one.

I also got my son involved and obviously I wasn’t going to miss out on any tasting action, so we all got stuck in and rated them in order of flavour preference:

Flo (11 years old)

  1. Smoked BBQ
  2. Salt & Vinegar
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Habanero Chilli

Fin (12 years old)

  1. Salt & Vinegar
  2. Habanero Chilli
  3. Smoked BBQ
  4. Sea Salt

Me (42 years old)

  1. Salt & Vinegar
  2. Smoked BBQ
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Habanero Chilli

You know that Hungry Hippos game? That was us. Three greedy little hippos frantically popping delicious crunchy corn balls into our mouths as quickly as possible. We demolished them.

There’s just something so satisfying about smashing your gnashers down on crunchy food isn’t there. The crunch factor is part of the reason we can’t stop ourselves from eating crisps – it’s that whole appealing to more than one sense thing. With crunchy food, like Love Corn, you not only get the delicious taste, but you also get texture and noise too – a veritable crunchtastic feast for the senses.

I love that these are a healthier alternative to crisps and I plan on putting some in the kids lunchboxes when they go back to school… if they last that long of course! And what with many of us embracing being able to see friends and family in our gardens again, they are going to love you if you bring out a couple of bowls of these to nibble on while enjoying drinks al fresco. Especially those spicy habanero chill ones – who needs a patio heater when you’ve got these bad boys to warm you up (which is a good thing, as you can’t find patio heaters for love nor money at the moment).

Needless to say, we all loved them. And since I started writing this review, both kids have come down from their rooms to sneak more packs of Love Corn from out of the cupboards. No more words needed!

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Fancy Trying A Free Pack Of Love Corn?

You’ve heard what we think about Love Corn but how about trying it for yourself? Well you can. Simply head on over to and grab a free sample pack of all four flavours, all you need to do is pay the Β£1.99 shipping fee and these delicious corn snacks will be yours for the taking.

*products gifted for review

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