Cocofina take the Coconut Challenge!

We thought we owed it to our loyal readers to discover a bit more about the two companies involved in the big #cocotarget competition we’re running at the moment.

But, rather than bore you with information you’re probably not too fussed about reading, we’ve challenged them with our fun and, dare we say it, slightly cheeky questions instead!

In the first of our posts we invite Cocofina founder, Jacob Thundil, to sit in the quiz chair and dare to complete the Art of Healthy Living coconut challenge!

NigellaNigella, Gizzi Erskine, Mary Berry, Ella Woodward…who would you Kiss/Take to meet the parents/Marry/Avoid?

“Ella – Take to meet the parents to show off that I have done well!

Mary Berry – Marry. I would be a toy boy, but mum would approve of Mary, as she carries herself well.

Nigella – Kiss. She is natural like the food I like

Gizzi – Avoid. I am too common to meet with royalty!”

Who is you favourite celebrity chef and why?

“James Martin. I feel like he is an honest chef, which also transmits through to his dishes!”

Describe your perfect three course meal.

“Starter – Poached eggs with truffle shavings

Main – Pesto Pasta with fresh basil and pecorino cheese

Dessert – Coconut Crème Caramel”

Organic Coconut NectarWhat is your favourite Cocofina product and why?

Coconut nectar, since I have a sweet tooth and I use this in everything!”

What was your favourite food as a child?

“Custard and Jelly.”

What’s your food guilty pleasure?

“Wine and chocolate.”

You’re having a dinner party…what’s your fail-safe recipe?

“Tapas offering a wide variety of small dishes cooked using copious amounts of coconut.”

audreyWhich 3 famous people would you invite to your dinner party and why?

“Bob Marley– would be good to compare some notes on kicking back.

Charlie Chaplin – someone who has made me laugh.

Audrey Hepburn – because she was beautiful and sensitive”

What food would you not even touch with a barge pole?

“Anything with ingredients in it that are too difficult to pronounce or understand.”

What are you coco-‘nuts’ about?

“I love cooking and experimenting with new ingredients. All the products in the Cocofina range originated in my own kitchen.”

What’s your healthiest habit?

“Veggie salads.”

And finally…tell us a secret.

“Something very big is about to happen for Cocofina. If I told you then it would no longer be a secret, but it will have a sizeable impact and the opportunity that lies ahead will only be positive for the brand.”

Well done Jacob, you’ve passed our coconut challenge with flying colours!

To find out more about the #cocotarget competition, in which you can enter to win a 5 Day Executive Fitness Holiday, go to

Remember to look out for part two of our challenge where we invite Target Human Performance to take on the ‘Physical Quizzical’!

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