Eau Good Duo Charcoal Filter Infuser Bottle Review

Who out there thinks they drink enough water? It’s a question that gets raised on countless occasions and I know that I for one definitely do not drink enough.

Health guidelines advise that we should be aiming to drink around about 8 glasses of water a day, which equates to roughly 2 litres. This includes tea, coffee, squash etc., but in an ideal world it should come from good old fashioned H2O. Now for me, as much as I think water’s OK, it gets a bit boring after a while doesn’t it? Sure, it’s the first thing I reach for after a sweaty workout or during a long run (nothing quite beats water to quench the dehydrated throat of a fitness fiend!) but as a day-to-day drink well it just doesn’t cut it for me.

Tap water can often have a strange metallic taste to it and bottled water, well that just plain and simply annoys me that I’m paying for something that I quite literally have on tap!

There has been an absolute influx of various different bottles onto the drinks market recently, from the ones containing filters to ones that allow you to infuse natural flavours, through to the super stylish metal canteens, practical collapsible and recycled eco-friendly ones, there is seemingly something for everyone and every possible need.

But how about trying to combine some of these features into one bottle, because I don’t know about you lot but my kitchen cupboards are looking like a game of bottle Jenga with the amount I’ve got precariously stacked in them at the mo.

The designers at Black+Blum have done just that with their Kickstarter campaign for the new Eau Good Duo Bottle. This first of its kind bottle acts both as a filter and as an infuser, plus it’s handy features make it both practical and stylish.


Charcoal. It’s the ‘in’ thing of the moment isn’t it? But for very good reason, as this black stick which many of us haven’t seen since our school art days is an absolute detox powerhouse. It works by a process known as adsorption, which in layman’s terms means it can suck up pretty much anything it comes into contact with and store it within and on its surface. What this means in terms of filtering is that it can remove any contaminants, leaving completely purified, au natural, crystal clear water.Β  It also balances out the PH levels, absorbs any unwanted flavours and as if that wasn’t enough it chucks in a load of good minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Pretty clever stuff!

And I know what you’re thinking…”if this bit of charcoal removes flavours then how on earth is that going to work when I go to infuse it with my slices of lemon?”…we’ll come on to that in a bit.

The charcoal isn’t just your standard leftover piece of BBQ fuel, no for want of sounding like an M&S food advert, this charcoal is luxurious activated Binchotan charcoal, made from sustainably sourced hard wood and used by the Japanese to filter water since the 17th century – come on admit it you totally read that last sentence in a sexy slow mo drawl, didn’t you? πŸ˜‰

You simply pop the charcoal into the bottle, give the sides of the bottle a gentle squeeze and the charcoal falls into a specially designed groove that locks it into place. Fill the bottle up with tap water and you’re good to go.


Let’s talk flavours, because I for one need something a little bit tastier from my drink than what plain old water has to offer. This bottle has a built-in infuser cap, which means you can put in fruit, veg and herbs of your choice so that the water picks up the subtle flavours, but when you come to drink it you’re not having to move lemon out of the way or get bits of mint out of your teeth. Think lemon and root ginger, strawberry and cucumber, or how about blueberry and basil? The choices are endless and it means you can have a refreshing drink that’s also way healthier than any shop bought equivalents.

Remember I mentioned about charcoal stripping away taste? Well yeah, so the thing is when you want to use the bottle as an infuser you must always remember to remove the charcoal, simple really – charcoal for filter, no charcoal for flavour.

Plus as well as both of those the bottle has these handy features too:

  • Handy dual silicone strap – perfect for running and exercising and no more slippy sweaty hand incidents!
  • Dishwasher safe – no more washing by hand yay!
  • Ergonomic design – easy to hold.
  • Soft-touch carry loop – means you can casually style it out if you fancy hanging it from a bag or your finger.
  • Fits into most cup holders and bike holders – drinking on the go.
  • Fast flow leak proof spout – no more spillages in bags.
  • Each charcoal stick lasts 6 months.
  • Holds up to 700ml – drink three of them and that’s your daily water consumption sorted!
  • Available in a variety of colours including – Blue, Red, Lime and Black

And as well as ALL that you’re going to end up saving plus you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

So as you can see it’s got a hella lot going on with it and it’s certainly helped me up my water game. The charcoal filter means I am way over the horror of drinking tap water and the infuser means I’m no longer bored – result!

Prices start at Β£23 and delivery commences in May 2018, for more information and to help fund the campaign check out the video above.

*Product gifted for review.

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