Enhancing Airiness, Warmth, and Comfort: Stylish Ways To Upgrade Your Rental

Whether it’s earthy colors, nature-inspired accents, or soft, curvy furniture the latest interior design trends are focused on enhancing airiness, warmth, and comfort, Vogue reports. Yet, as you typically don’t have the luxury of making any permanent changes to a rental home, making your space feel like home does usually require a little more thought and creativity. Fortunately, with the right simple yet impactful upgrades, you can easily add style and personality to upgrade your rental without jeopardizing your deposit.

Swap Out Your Fixtures And Fittings

Swapping out existing fixtures and fittings on your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, wardrobe, and doors around your rental is a great way to make the space your own, as well as add beauty to otherwise plain and underwhelming furniture. It’s also easy and affordable to do this. For example, install beautiful handles on your plain kitchen cabinets to draw the eye, lift the space, and minimize the impact of the doors themselves. By opting for fixtures in a slightly unexpected shape or style, you can maximize their impact and make their touch feel even more special. Save the original fixtures, so you can simply put them back when you move out, and take the nice ones with you — so no money goes to waste.

Hang Art

Hanging art on your walls can instantly add style and character to your space, while also giving it a more finished and put-together feel. Even better, you don’t even need to use nails to do this. With hanging strips and easily-removable tape, you can hang frames without also worrying about damaging the paintwork. Displaying personal photos of your favorite people and memories is another great idea. Multi-photo frames, in particular, can hold lots of photos and are a great alternative to a gallery wall. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to just photos and framed art. Pottery and sculptures, for example, can also add style to your rental, as well as unique architectural interest. In any case, nice art needn’t break the bank — go hunting around your local thrift stores for a bargain deal or even make it yourself, for example.

Furnish Your Windows

Furnishing your windows can transform the room with pattern, texture, and color in seconds. Simply remove the original window dressings and store them away before adding curtains or shades of your own choosing. Again, you can take your window furnishings with you when you move, making them a worthwhile investment. Simple bamboo roman shades, in particular, are easy to install, affordable, and add relaxed elegance to any window. They’ll be available to purchase from your nearest home improvement store and can even be cut to your exact window dimensions for the perfect fit.

Living in a rental home doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of personality, coziness, and charm. By swapping out the fixtures and fittings, hanging art, and furnishing your windows, you can instantly upgrade your rental to make it feel like home.

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