Healthy Homemade Nutella

I love a bit of Nutella spread on freshly made crusty white bread, but have you seen the sugar content of that stuff?! And, well yeah, let’s not even get started on the white bread bit… So, rather than deny myself one of life’s little pleasures, I’ve come up with a healthier version of Nutella that is simply way too divine to be wasted on a white bloomer. Check out my recipe for healthy homemade Nutella:

What’s In Healthy Homemade Nutella

How Do I Make Healthy Homemade Nutella?

To give the hazelnuts a nice, rich depth of flavour it’s best to roast them first. So, spread them out evenly on a roasting tin and place them in a moderate oven for approximately 10 minutes. You might need to check them from time to time as they can burn quite easily and that will add a nasty bitter taste to the final product. Allow them to completely cool and then blitz in a blender until they reach your desired consistency. Think about how you like your peanut butter; with chewy chunks…then don’t blitz for too long, as smooth as silk…then blitz, blitz, blitz away!

blended nuts

Add the maple syrup or honey (or even agave syrup if you like – anything that will add sweetness) along with the cacao powder and blend until well combined. It will be quite stiff at this point, so don’t be alarmed! Now add a tablespoon of water at a time, blending in between until the mixture is a smooth spread. And there you have it healthy homemade Nutella – just try not to eat it all in one go!

Try changing the nuts you use to create different flavours; almonds, pecans and pistachios work particularly well. Delicious spread on rice cakes, rye bread, sliced banana or even on sweet potato toast (the new trend in snacking!).

It also works well as a layer on a cheesecake, a gooey surprise centre in cupcakes or…and shhh don’t tell anyone… straight from the jar!

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