My Teenage Diary: Saturday 22nd October – Friday 28th October 1994

Hey teenage diary fans, welcome to another look back at teenage me as I yet again open up the pages of my teenage diary from 1994 and share my cringeworthy witterings. This week I’m riding high on the fact I’ve got my first boyfriend, despite the fact he’s cleared off to Manchester for the week.


Saturday 22nd October

I’ve been missing Les so much. Sheila must be getting pissed off with me because I haven’t stopped talking about him! We were going to have a party round my house, but it never pulled off. Mainly because I didn’t want the house being trashed, so we all went down the pub. Gary and Timothy got pissed and it was generally a boring night, so me and Sheila managed to slip away. Although it caused a lot of hassle, but I don’t care. Les and Archibald phoned up from Manchester. They’re coming back either this Sunday or next, but Les’s definitely coming with them. He told me how much he’d missed me then asked me out so we’re officially going out.

Sunday 23rd October

I’ve been hoping all day that Les would be coming back this Sunday because I really miss him. The thing is if he did come back today I can’t imagine him calling round for me straight away. I’ll be able to check tomorrow when I do my paper round because I’ll be able to see if there’s anyone in the house. The clocks went back an hour so we got an extra hour in bed which I really needed because me and Sheila were up until two in the morning having a girly chat with Rose, Geraldine and Winnie.

Monday 24th October

Went round to Sheila’s and we got My Life out on video. We thought it would be a real weepy, but it wasn’t really. I mean it was a good film, but the story line got a bit mixed up at times. We’re probably going to get Philadelphia out tomorrow and that should get the tears going. Les phoned while I was at Sheila’s, which was a bit flukey. They’re coming back on Sunday. He’s so sweet to me. The money was just about to run out and he shouted, “I love you”. It put a lump in my throat I’ll tell you. I really like him. I’ve ever met anyone like him.

Tuesday 25th October

I’ve been hanging around with Sheila and Sally Foster today. And I’m sad to say it was really boring and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because Sally pisses me off. It’s nothing personal, it’s just we’re not on the same wavelength so I just can’t relate to her very well. We went round my house and watched one of Sally’s videos whilst drinking Babycham. I had a really petty argument just because I refused to dish up pudding and she gave that old excuse of “you’re all take and no give”. I bet she won’t give me my allowance now.

Wednesday 26th October

I was supposed to be going into Chippenham on the bus with Sheila but as I guessed yesterday Mum wouldn’t give me my allowance. What an old cow. But what really pissed me off is that Sheila still went into town, but she went with Sally. You wouldn’t believe how much that pissed me off because it meant that I had to stay at home all day and be totally bored. But I’m stupid because I didn’t do any homework. I had all day and I didn’t even attempt to do any. I better do some tomorrow else I won’t get it finished.

Thursday 27th October

Went over Sheila’s to do homework and guess what? No sign of that bitch Sally Foster, we did get sidetracked quite easily though. We started karaoking but then resulted in making a tape for Les and Archibald with our voices on. Listening back at it, it is so embarrassing. I’m having second thoughts about letting them listen to it. Les will probably hate it after he’s heard the real me for about an hour or so. I stayed the night at Sheila’s in the end. I’m really happy because I have completely finished my Geography coursework.

Friday 28th October

Went to Sainsbury’s with Mum to get some prices of eggs. Fun eh? I’ve actually sweet talked Mum into giving me my allowance, but I haven’t actually got it in my own hands yet so I guess I better be on my best behaviour until I do. I’m babysitting tonight so that’ll add my financial state up slightly. I’m hoping to go into Chippenham tomorrow as there’s a few things I need to buy. I’m considering getting some hair dye but I’ll probably only do it if Sheila does. I want a picture of me to give to Les. I might go in Woolworths.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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