Tales From My Teenage Diary: Saturday 15th – Friday 21st October 1994

This week’s teenage diary sees me finally get the boy… just not the boy I was expecting, and one that definitely treated me a whole lot better… for a bit anyway! Yep after months and months of desperately wanting a boyfriend teenage me has only finally gone and bagged myself one.

Enjoy this week’s teenage diary my lovelies!

Saturday 15th October

We were supposed to meet Archibald, Les and Dilbert down the park at 1.00pm but we got the message too late so we met them at 7.00pm and had a party with the usual crowd, except Petunia came. I wore my new clothes and a couple of people took the piss, but I can’t help it if I’m fashionable. Gary was slapping my legs and left horrible bruises, but I got my own back. We ended up hugging each other and just generally talking. I think I’m starting to fancy him, he’s just so sweet. After that he was hugging me all night and kept giving me little kisses. He walked me home.

Sunday 16th October

I think I must fancy Gary because I can’t help thinking about him. I just find it so easy to talk to him. A lot more easily than with Percy. Sheila spent more of last night talking to Archibald. They fancy each other so much. Raymond will go spare if they go out with each other. We went down the park to see them again. They’re alright I guess, but I feel that they’re always taking the piss because they’ve got Manchester jokes and words that we haven’t got a clue what they mean. I’ve decided I’m going to get the Oasis album.

Monday 17th October

I saw Gary today. I think it’s going to be another one of those Percy type crushes again. I’ve certainly gone off him. Ever since that night we took his keys off him I’ve grown to detest him. Gary is definitely more caring. Went down the school field and Les, Archibald and Dilbert were there. Archibald asked Sheila out. She fancies him but there’s a couple of cons about going out with him. One is that he’s three years younger, mind you he doesn’t look it. And two is that he hardly ever talks to her. Probably because he’s so shy and nervous.

Tuesday 18th October

We went down the field again and it;s really quite fun. I must say I’ll miss them when they go back to Manchester for half term. Les might be staying there. I’m getting to like him. I mean he’s no Mark Owen but he makes me laugh and he’s got a lovely personality. Mind you if both him and Gary asked me out I’d go out with Gary with no hesitation. I think Sheila should go out with Archibald. He’s certainly making an effort to talk to her more, but he’s supposedly been telling Stan that he wants to get off with her down the field.

Wednesday 19th October

Went down the park and it was all going really well because we were playing football with teams of me and Sheila against Archibald and Les. They let us start off with nine goals and we were allowed to hold the ball. The sad thing is they beat us 10-9. Are we crap or what. We never did actually get round to doing a forfeit though. Me and Sheila went back to her house. They phoned us from the phone box. Dilbert wanted Petunia’s phone number. Anyway, Archibald asked Sheila out, well not personally, Les did it. And she asked Les whether he’d go out with me. Well Sheila’s with Archibald and I’m with Les.

Thursday 20th October

It was so awkward today because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go out with Les and I was convinced in my head that he’d only asked me out because he wanted Archibald to go out with Sheila. Well we went down the field about 7.00pm and it was really awkward because Les didn’t know what to say. What was pissing me off the most was that I couldn’t get him on my own because Tom was there always splitting us up. Anyway, Sheila had a word with Les and when we walked them home we turned to go, when he called me back and asked me to get off with him. So we just stood there hugging and snogging. I love him so much.

Friday 21st October

My last day which I would be spending with Les. We met them at the park and it was like really awkward, so I suggested we got for a walk. I went ahead with Les and we went down Parsons Walk and Sheila and Archibald went to the bus stop. Les is just so sweet. It was raining so he let me wear his coat. He didn’t kiss me there, but we met up with the other two. We went back to my house which I suppose was a bit of a disaster because Gary and Timothy also came round and they ate all the food. When we had to say goodbye it was so sad. I gave Les my ring and he gave me his ear ring. We kissed about ten times. I loves him so much.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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