My Teenage Diary Series – 17th June 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

A couple of days ago it was made known to me that Kenneth was interested in me, so I thought there’d be no harm in giving him my phone number via Percy. Well, I got a call from him Friday night asking whether I’d like to meet up with him Saturday night so we could get to know one another. I agreed to meet him outside The Queens Head at 8pm. I begged Sheila to come along as well and she said she would if Percy did as well. There was no way I was going to get in a car on my own with Kenneth.

Saturday came and me and Sheila walked down to Timothy’s and Raymond and Percy came out. We were walking down to The Queens Head when Kenneth came driving up to us in his car. I must admit he was looking totally gorgeous, he had a really nice hat on. We all clambered in the car and we drove back to his shared house in Chippenham. I felt so rare in the car because they were talking among themselves and I didn’t know what to say. I guess I felt really embarrassed. Mind you I felt even rarer at the house because of all the people that were there. We were just all sat in silence watching a film. Dawson goes to Kenneth, “which one’s yours then?” and it took him ages to decide between me and Sheila (trying to remember who exactly it was he got off with). Worst of all he called me Kimberley and that totally pissed me off. After about 20 minutes of just sitting there we drove into Chippenham and Kenneth bought us some alcohol and fags. I had a bottle of vodka. The idea was to go back to Timothy’s and get drunk, only Kenneth couldn’t because he was driving.

We were all talking much more now and when we got to Hullavington we went down The Queens Head. I drank the vodka and like got totally pissed (talk about a confidence boost) so I was left with Raymond and Kenneth sat outside the front of the pub. We were just generally talking. Then the others came out so we headed back to Timothy’s. Kenneth helped me because I wasn’t exactly walking straight. When we got there I  plonked myself on a beanbag and Kenneth sat down next to me. Well, we were sort of sat/led there. Because I’d had the vodka I had the confidence to put my head on his shoulder and he responded by putting his head on mine. He got a phone call from Dawson asking if he could take Charlie (his girlfriend) home about 11.15pm so that gave us about half an hour. We were just talking and I explained how I was scared and really wary of him. He understood and he even said he’d have to gain my trust. But he said he was interested and he wants to get to know me better, so from that point on all my insecurities about him had gone. We soon got off with one another. Neither of us started it, it just kind of happened, really sweetly. God how I love it when he makes those little noises.

It soon came around to getting up to go so Kenneth again helped me up and this time I sat in the front. Timothy and Raymond were in the back and Percy and Sheila stayed at Timothy’s. We stayed a bit at his house. Kenneth sat me down in a chair and then sat next to me holding my hand. Then we left to take Charlie home. After we’d dropped her off I said I was bored of sitting in a car so he rubbed my leg and said we’ll be back soon. He drove really fast in his car, it was really cool. When we got back to Timothy’s we resumed our position on the bean bag and started to get off with one another. We were soon left on our own. He’s so gorgeous, I just like everything about him. He told me that I was the person he’d kissed the longest and started wondering whether we’d broken the record for longest kiss. I then moved because my stomach hurt so I moved to a chair and he put his head on my lap and I rubbed the back of his head which he really liked. Then he sat on the chair and I sat on his lap. Then we had an even longer kiss and afterwards he said, “I like you a lot. God, I’ve got a massive hard on now”. I just giggled. But just the way he said I like you a lot made me tingle and feel really special. He walked me home and we kissed goodnight. He said he’d phone before Wednesday so that we could arrange to go out then. He also said I could go with him to Golddiggers on Friday. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to fix that but god will I try.  I want him to phone tonight, he won’t, but I can just feel myself falling deeper and deeper for him and I just can’t stop thinking about him. I think I’m in love.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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