The Take That Years: My Monthly 1993 Diary – March

As always, I get straight to the point in this months 1993 diary and make my judgey teenage opinions very much known. So before you settle down for a good old read, here’s a few words to sum up March’s diary extracts… tosser, lovebite on the tit, desperado, Take That rap. Told you it was a good ‘un!

Monday 1st March

Wore my long skirt that I scavved off mum to school today. I don’t know whether Sheila likes me as much any more because she said today that I was boring and she wasn’t talking to me quite as much. I’m not boring. I can just never think of things to say 24 hours a day. Marigold is moving in 29 days. Brill.

Tuesday 2nd March

Went to Sheila’s today. Gary is back from America and is joining the band again in Miami. Mark and Robbie will be leaving a message on April 1st. Wrote 4 letters asking for work at kennels or the vets in the holidays. I hope they reply because it means a lot to me!

Wednesday 3rd March

Hockey today. Yeuch! It was so cold my legs went orange and purple. Sheila was very quiet today. Ursula told me it’s because she thinks Noreen is trying to take me off her. No chance. I mildly like Sheila better. I’ll go with Sheila in PE next week. Along with that she didn’t feel too great. She might not be at school tomorrow.

Thursday 4th March

I stayed at Sheila’s tonight. I bet my Cosmetics To Go come through and I won’t be there to open it until Friday afternoon. We made a cake and it broke so we made up some custard to eat with it. Sheila phoned up her cousin. He’s such a tosser by the sounds of him!

Friday 5th March

Grandad and Aunty Karen came today and they’re staying till Sunday. I got my Cabbage Patch Maths project results back and they were really good, above average. CTG parcel hasn’t come through yet. Sheila said it should only take a week and it’s been more than a week already. Maybe it’ll come tomorrow.

Saturday 6th March

The CTG stuff came today. It’s so lush receiving a package. One of the boarding kennels phoned me up to say that some when in Easter I’ll be able to go and see them. I’ve got to phone them nearer the time to set an actual date. Went into Chippenham and bought a big TT poster, 2 magazines, lined paper, elasticated belt and cross necklace. Mum bought me a long skirt. I had a lush dream, Mark was in the nude!

Sunday 7th March

I’ve made a rule that I’ve got to do at least 20 minutes of exercise every night before I go to bed. This way it’ll keep me fit, healthy and maybe let me lose some weight. School tomorrow with Tech, a double lesson with Mr Constance, he’s such a tosser. He tries to get me embarrassed in front of the others on purpose.

Monday 8th March

My application form for the TT fan club came today but just my luck I’ve got to wait till April when I get some money. I’m going to start washing the cars again so that I can start getting some money because at the rate I’m going I won’t have any for the concert in July. At the moment I really hate my brother. He gets kicks out of annoying me.

Tuesday 9th March

I received another application form from when me and Sheila sent Valentine’s. Went over to Sheila’s and her mum gave me a red nose. On Friday we’ll be babysitting for Geraldine so I hope she’ll pay us because I really need the money. I’m such a desperado. Tomorrow is PE so I’ll be knackered in the evening.

Wednesday 10th March

Today through the post I received the information about TT products. Hopefully I’ll be sending off for a t-shirt, mug, 1992 tour pass and hopefully mum will buy me the nightshirt. In hockey one of the sticks hit my hand and now I’ve got a bruise. We’ve decided we’re not going to babysit but are going to aerobics instead, dressed as tomatoes. I hope we don’t have to pay. I have no money.

Thursday 11th March

We changed our minds, we’re going to babysit now. I’ve decided not to order the TT tour pass ’92 coz thinking about it it’s quite a lot of money for it’s out of date. It’s comic relief day tomorrow and we’re supposed to be doing something funny in Drama. I absolutely hate it.

Friday 12th March

Sheila came over to our house and then at 7.30 we went round and babysat. Geraldine gave us nothing mind you we expected that. Tomorrow I’m staying the night at her house. She’s going into Chippenham to get a long skirt like mine for school and then after that we’re looking after Chaz, so all in all it’s quite a busy weekend.

Saturday 13th March

Geraldine gave us a quid in the end! Me, Sheila, Stan, Rose, Graham, Geraldine and Chaz went into Chippenham. I bought TT 100% Unofficial magazine for £1.95. It’s so crap I don’t know why I bothered. Got a poster out of it though. Sheila’s staying the night and then tomorrow I’m going over to her house to see her baby cousin.

Sunday 14th March

Sheila got the tickets off her Aunt today. They are so lush. I spent the day at Sheila’s with most of her family and Norbert her cousin was making me go red on purpose. It was so embarrassing but he’s OK. I felt the odd one out and really uncomfortable but I soon began to feel welcome.

Monday 15th March

Today has been really hectic. Noreen surprised us by saying she lost her virginity at 11. Tonight she rang up Sheila and told her that she was going to have sex with her 19 year old boyfriend. She’d been deciding about it all day and had put all the pressure on Sheila. Percy said he’d love to sleep with Sheila!

Tuesday 16th March

Noreen did do it and now is going to tell her parents she’s spending the night at Sheila’s house. Obvious where she’ll really be. She’s forging a note for tomorrow because of PE. She’s got two love bites. One on her neck and the other on her tit. If you ask me she’ll get in a lot of trouble and at the same time pull Sheila down with her.

Wednesday 17th March

I’ve got the opportunity to take the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and I’m definitely going to take it. I’ll be able to work at the George’s Veterinary Surgery for 3 months. Petunia is also doing it. She copies my every move. Just because I wrote to the vets she went and did it. I don’t like her very much but I’ll put up with her.

Thursday 18th March

The clips leaflets came through today. Petunia was boasting because she had ten. Big deal. Going over to Sheila’s on Saturday and Sunday and then babysitting for Winnie on Wednesday. She’s paying us as well. I’m saving up all my spare money to buy some  clothes for Germany and the Take That concert.

Friday 19th March

On Monday I’m going to a disco at The Star skittle alley from 7.30 to 10.00. It only cost 50p for a ticket. For my Skill I’m doing ‘Keeping Pets’ and for Recreation Physical I’m doing ‘Netball’ because I really enjoy that. I’m a bit worried but I’m determined to do it.

Saturday 20th March

Tomorrow morning I’m getting up at 5.10 because there’s a programme about Take That. I think they’re on The Ozone as well. Apparently a new CTG catalogue is coming out in April. Me and Sheila tried to rescue a mouse from Mitzi but we didn’t succeed. My money is coming through the post on the 17th of April.

Sunday 21st March

I got up but it was so pointless because Mark wasn’t on. Me and Sheila made a face pack out of oats, honey and cleansing lotion. It was so disgusting! We made a rap up about Take That but we didn’t put any music to it. Sheila’s borrowing Winnie’s camcorder and we’ve been videoing each other. Hopefully she’ll record over everything we did.

Monday 22nd March

Today was the disco and it was the complete opposite to what I thought it would be like. It was supposed to be from 12 – 16 yr olds but some of them were much older than that. But I made the exception because Dawson Roberts was there and he’s kinda nice. Apart from that it was pretty boring. Mum gave me £1 and I didn’t spend it so I’ve gained 50p.

Tuesday 23rd March

I got my allowance today so tomorrow I can send off for the Take That fan club. Only problem is it will take at least a month before it comes through. Today I went to Sheila’s. She found her old skipping rope and that reminded us of when we were little. Dawson Robinson is his name not Roberts. He doesn’t go to school any more.

Wednesday 24th March

Babysat for Winnie so that earnt both me and Sheila £5 each. I paid for my D of E today and now I’ve got this really lush booklet. On Saturday Sheila and I are going into Chippenham to buy Easter presents and then are making and selling cakes for Dr Barnardoes. I feel really tired because I got back at 11pm.

Thursday 25th March

I’m getting really nervous because it’s drama tomorrow and the whole class have got to show their plays. Ours is OK except Mary won’t do it very well because she thinks she’ll get laughed at. Also our arguments aren’t strong enough that the daughter would leave home. Maybe there won’t be time.

Friday 26th March

We didn’t do our plays because Mrs Hamilton wasn’t there. Petunia will be with her French exchange person next Friday so maybe we won’t have to show our plays. On Monday I’ve got to see Mr Midwinter about my Service. Only 1 person at a time can do ‘Care For Animals’. I’m trying to get there before Petunia.

Saturday 27th March

Today I spent more than I really meant to and now I regret it, but there’s nothing I can do. Made 78 small cakes, 2 Victoria Sandwiches to sell for charity. Have now got enough to get 2 t-shirts. Stayed the night at Sheila’s and babysat for Winnie. I got a letter from the George Vet Surgery but it seems a bit pointless because I’m going there for my D of E.

Sunday 28th March

The clocks went forward an hour so we lose an hour. Sheila’s Aunt and 2 cousins went over. The eldest cousin is so lush. Yesterday Sheila got her TT fan club stuff. It’s not as good as I thought it would be but I suppose it’s better than nothing. In Easter she’s spending the first week with Trudy. Looks like another boring holiday.

Monday 29th March

Take That were on Def II and now after watching it I feel so sorry for them. They were saying how they had no privacy and the lengths that their fans go to. I still love Mark though. Mr Midwinter is going to phone the George Veterinary Surgery for me to set a date for my Service. I’ll know tomorrow.

Tuesday 30th March

I couldn’t find Mr Midwinter so hopefully I’ll be able to find out tomorrow. Went over to Sheila’s and recorded the message from the Take That line. Only Mark and Howard were on it but that’s fine by me. I watched Def II again. Mark is so lush. Had Science today and was in a group with Arnold. I’ve got admit I quite like him but if anyone finds out I’ll die.

Wednesday 31st March

I’ve  got a really bad cough and feel 100% awful but I’m gonna go to school tomorrow to give out my Easter Eggs, to see Petunia’s French Exchange person and also I think I fancy Arnold. I seem to be flirting around him. Tomorrow’s my lucky day and it says that I’ll have a relationship over Easter. I live in hope.

So many questions!!! Will I be in a relationship over Easter? Why was I so happy about babysitting and only getting £1, and why am I getting money through the post!?!?

I’m just as excited and intrigued as you lot, so….


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*Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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