Opening Up My 1993 Teenage Diary One Last Time

Oh hello here, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me. Well, turns out my 1993 teenage diary didn’t stop on December the 31st like normal diaries, no this one carried on right through until the 4th of January. So not only do I have 4 extra days for you, I’ve also got a few cheeky extras that were stashed away at the back of the diary. I figured I’ve shared everything else with you, I might as well share these too.

I hope you enjoy them!

Saturday 1st January 1994

Didn’t go to bed last night until about 2.00am, but I don’t feel tried at all. When cleaning the animals out this morning I fell on my bum because it was really icy. Hopefully I should have about £90 at the most to spend on Tuesday, but I still have to get my babysitting money from Sheila, which should be about £7.50.

Sunday 2nd January 1994

Today was pretty boring except when Sheila phoned and then came over. Mum, Dad and A were at football so I had the house to myself so it was pretty boring until Sheila came over. I did actually think Mum was going to tell me off for not asking her but she didn’t. Mind you I ended up having to do the washing up with Sheila.

Monday 3rd January 1994

Take That, Big Breakfast, 7.00am. It was only highlights of when they’d been on there before, they weren’t on live, but at least I managed to video them in their underwear so it wasn’t all that bad. I went swimming and then on to Malmesbury with Sheila and family and Geraldine and family. It was OK actually. This holiday hasn’t been too bad. Usually I’m bored out of my mind.

Tuesday 4th January 1994

Shopping in Bristol: 9.00am. Makeover Bodyshop: 11.00am. The makeover was OK, but she didn’t really help in anyway because she asked us which colours we wanted. I mean how the hell are we supposed to know. I bought quite a bit of stuff, but only three articles of clothing. I now wish I’d bought more. This if the first time ever that I have completed a diary. I have one message… THIS IS PRIVATE.


My 1994 Teenage New Year Resolutions

  1. Don’t bite nails (toes and fingers).
  2. Stay vegetarian.
  3. Only buy J17 and Smash Hits unless something drastically wonderful is offered with another magazine.
  4. Have a bath at least 3 times a week.
  5. Make an attempt at getting a boyfriend.
  6. Don’t pick/squeeze spots.
  7. Look after hair.
  8. Top animals up with hay on Wednesdays.
  9. Put at least £20 into Post Office account.
  10. Go to a concert.
  11. Be nice to people.

Q and A

What’s your favourite Australian soap opera? – Home and Away.

Your favourite American one? – Beverly Hills 90210.

What about British soap? – Eastenders and Coronation Street.

Who’s your favourite soap opera character? – Dieter Brummer.

Why? – Take one look and you’ll know why!

Who’s your favourite American film star? – Luke Perry.

List your 3 all time favourite films  – My Girl, Home Alone, People Under The Stairs.

What about your top 3 TV programmes? – Top of the Pops, Big Breakfast, The Ozone.

Who’s your favourite British singer? – Mark Owen.

What about American singers? -Whitney Houston.

What’s the name of your favourite American group? -Boyz to Men/SWV.

What about British groups? – Take That.

Who’s the hunkiest boy in pop? – Mark Owen.

Who’s the best girl? – Mariah Carey.

Who do you wish would never make a record again? – Des O’Connor, Guns n Roses.

List your 3 all time favourite albums – Take That and Party, Everything Changes, Dance ’92.

What about your top 3 singles? – Could It Be Magic, Million Love Songs, Why Can’t I Wake Up With You.

Depression Notes

I’m writing this so that if anyone does find it and read it they’ll know how hard it is to be a teenager and live in such a dead end place as Hullavington.

I’m not talking about normal teenage problems such as spots, in fact they’re way down at the bottom of my problems list. I’ll start off with problem number 1, probably one that quite a few people are suffering from. I have a lack of a boyfriend, in fact I always have done, and to be perfectly honest no one has ever asked me out, except as a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I have fancied a few in my time. I remember when I was in Filands, I used to fancy Jock. I’d have dreams about him. There’s absolutely no way he would ever have gone out with me. Then there was Jeremy. OK he wasn’t exactly good looking, it’s just he’d always joke about fancying me and insisted on calling me Becky. The only reason he actually took notice of me was because I was in a Science group with him. Maybe if I’d been nice to him he would have asked me out, I don’t know. All I do know is that I was horrible to him. I hit him if he called me Becky and was always swearing at him. One time he pissed me off so much I dug my nail in his neck. I can tell you now he never really had a conversation with me after that, and then he moved, so that was the end of that.

I’d say the closest I got to going out with someone was when I hung around with Percy. I can tell you now he was really cute. A whole lot of us would go to youth club on Friday nights. He used to sit on my lap or lay his head on my lap. He’d really like it if I stroked his hair or tickled his ear. One time he fell asleep on me. I had this blue coat and he used to suck the corner of it. I’d look forward to every Friday, but he was like it at school, he’d hang around me all the time. Then in the school holidays he’d call round for me and we’d go out in the fields and just hang out, him with his head in my lap, it was pure bliss. Everyone was talking by then, but we weren’t going out. Just the feel of his head in my lap was like heaven, he’d even act like it in front of his mates. But there were times when I was awful to him as well, I’d hit him if he did something wrong. Then he suddenly declared he was moving back to Ireland when I was on holiday. I can tell you I thought about him every night and that I’d never see him again. Then we went back to school and he was there. Apparently he’d only moved to Malmesbury, but things weren’t the same. It was as though we were embarrassed to be around each other. Claudia reckons he nearly asked me out and he was heard to have said I was cute, but again I mucked up. But now he seems to be flirting with me again. He keeps calling me Becky and staring at me, he even linked arms with me the other day and tried to memorize my phone number. This time I’m gonna play it cool and not get mad with him. Maybe he’ll ask me out, I don’t know, but it sure makes me look forward to school.

I also have a bit of a thing for Arnold. There was a time when he’d always talk to me, but I know he’ll never ask me out. I’m just not his type.

Probably the most embarrassing case was when I got A to ask Carl out for me. A used to play football with him, then they both went to different clubs and that’s the last I saw of him until a few weeks ago. I saw him at swimming and I fell for him straight away. I tried to get his phone number so I could phone him and ask him out, but he was ex-directory. In the end I decided if he was swimming next Friday I’d take hi aside and ask him out. Of course he was and I chickened out and got A to do it for me. Carl said no because he didn’t want to. I’ve seen him several times in Chippenham, but I never talk to him, it’s just too embarrassing.

The biggest chance of going out with someone at the moment is if I can keep flirting with Percy. Anyway, that’s problem number 1.

Problem 2. Me and my best friend have only got one thing in common, we like Take That. Because half term’s coming up I thought it would be good if we could do something instead of just staying at home. I suggested swimming, cinema, shopping, window shopping. She painfully agreed, but you could tell she didn’t want to do any of it. She just wants to stay at home all the time, which to me is really boring, because I do that when I’m at school. The thing is, is she my best friend? I don’t really tell her my deepest secrets. If there was someone at school I fancied, say Percy, there’s no way I’d tell her. And another thing we’re completely different. OK so we haven’t had a massive argument, but we’re always having small, petty ones. I want to spend my life as a teenager how teenagers do – go out to discos and everything – but my group of friends don’t like things like that and I can’t exactly go on my own. So how am I supposed to get a boyfriend if I never go out? I just wish there was someone I had a lot in common with so we could go out partying say every Saturday night.

Problem 3. I like Take That, you might say why is that a problem? Well, I really fancy Mark Owen. I have dreams about him frequently and I really love him. I wrote to him several times but he’s never replied. I’ve seen them in concert, but haven’t actually stood face to face with him. The thing is I know he’ll eventually get married and I’m going to be so heartbroken. I’ve spent so much on Take That goods, but if something new comes out I feel I have to buy it. I’ve spent over £200. It’s stupid really, I could be spending it on a lot better things.

Generally I just feel my life is being wasted. I want to make the most of when I’m young and at the moment I’m not achieving that.

*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

Can’t quite believe it’s all over?

Well, you could of course go back and read it all together…

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