Prophy Paste: A Tool for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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Having healthy teeth is essential for your overall health. This is one part of your body that plays a significant role in the digestion of food. The initial stages of digestion involve chewing food to crush it into smaller particles to make it easily digestible. Your teeth are responsible for this crushing and grinding of food. However, they also play a vital role in determining your overall appearance.

Having white teeth gives you a beautiful smile and will fill you with more confidence when you interact with people. Simple procedures like regular brushing help in keeping your teeth healthy, as it eradicates all the dirt or food remains from your teeth that may lead to the formation of plaque or that harbour bacteria. Prophy paste also helps in getting rid of tartar from your teeth. It is commonly used during deep cleaning and tooth polishing.

Prophy paste, longside other products like fluoride varnish, can be used to maintain healthy white teeth. Fluoride varnish helps to protect your teeth from decay. It comes in the form of a gel that can be applied using a soft brush. Make sure there are no sores in your gums or mouth before fluoride varnish is applied.

What is Prophy Paste?

Also known as dental prophylaxis paste, prophy paste is made up of various polishing and cleaning agents. This paste is usually meant for professional use, which is why you will find it at most dentist surgeries whenever you go for a deep cleaning procedure. Prophy paste contains about 2% of fluoride ion content. It also contains perlite particles in small, large, and medium sizes that help remove tartar from your teeth.

The type of grit your dentist will use depends on the nature and severity of the stains on your teeth. Medium grit is best for normal cleansing, plaque removal, and polishing while the coarse or large type is ideal for removal of heavy stains. It is important to let a professional use it on you rather than doing it by yourself. You will come across different flavours of prophy paste, including cherry and mint. This enables you to choose one that suits you. Prophy paste and fluoride varnish is a great option for any professional oral procedure meant to remove plaque, stains and keep your teeth white.

Benefits of Prophy Paste

It is one of the best products to use for your oral care procedures. Tartar and stain removal are some of the main reasons why most dentists use this product. The following are some of the other benefits of using prophy paste.

Prevents Cavities

Cavities are holes that form on the teeth, and they usually grow deeper with time. Plaque is the leading cause of cavities in teeth. It contains germs that bring about tooth decay. Germs and bacteria also lead to the formation of cavities which may go deeper into your gums and cause pain. Prophy paste is cavity resistant and can prevent the formation of these deep holes in your teeth. It helps clean up your teeth by getting rid of the plaque and reducing its formation in future. Next time you visit your dentist you should ask them about prophy paste, who may then use it for your treatment after a specific period.


Tooth polishing is one of the best procedures for making the surface of your teeth smooth and shiny. It also helps to get rid of stains. Prophy paste is the best option to go for if you want to carry out tooth polishing. It will help free the surface of your teeth from any kind of bacteria when you use prophylaxis for your polishing. You should look for the right prophy paste samples, as this will depend on the extent of your stain. Do not use it in excess amounts because this may lead to the wearing out of your enamel.

White Teeth

You are more likely to develop healthy white teeth when you use prophy paste. It has different qualities that help in the cleansing of your enamel, leaving it looking white and shiny. Stained teeth are something that can lower your self-confidence; you may be more afraid to interact with different people or participate in public discussions because of the appearance of your teeth. Accumulation of plaque on your teeth can also result in bad breath, which also harms your self-confidence. You should use prophy paste to get rid of tartar and keep your teeth white and healthy.

Prevents Plaque Formation

Undergoing different preventive dentistry procedures is essential in ensuring you develop strong and healthy teeth. They also save you the costs that you may incur from any future treatment. You should treat some of these conditions in their early stages to minimize the chances of becoming worse with time. Prophy paste cleanses and lowers the chances of plaque forming on your teeth. The possibility of a cavity forming on your teeth in the future is very minimal if you use this product. You will develop strong and healthy teeth as a result.

Healthy Gums

Your gums should also be part of your oral care procedure. They offer support to the bones and prevent bacteria. Plaque that forms on your teeth may get deeper into your gums. You may start experiencing swollen gums, bleeding, and other gum diseases. Using prophy paste helps in getting rid of tartar, which is dangerous to your gums.

Some people may prefer to do the polishing by themselves at home. Make sure you have the right tools and paste for this procedure. You should also seek advice from a dentist to guide you on how you should go about it. When looking for prophy paste or the fluoride varnish, you need to consider its mode of application. Get one that will grant you an easier time or that which you can do by yourself. Have a look at different prophy paste samples and choose the one you find suitable for your personal use. Extra ingredients found in them will also help you pick something that offers the kind of treatment you need.


Prophy paste is an ideal option for those who want to have white and healthy teeth. There are other teeth whitening options you can try, but they are not as effective as using prophy paste in my opinion. You get to enjoy the extra benefits from its use, like getting rid of bacteria or germs that affect your teeth. Using it also guarantees you the development of healthy gums. The use of prophylaxis paste is also an affordable option to get rid of plaque from your teeth. Other procedures like laser whitening are very costly and are not 100% effective in getting rid of plaque from your teeth. Therefore, you will save a lot of money when you use prophylaxis paste in keeping your teeth healthy. Both patients and dental experts stand to benefit a lot from the use of prophy paste and fluoride varnish. These products will save your dentist time during deep cleaning and patients will get the kind of treatment they need. How about giving prophylaxis paste a try to keep your teeth white and healthy?

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