Retro Ramblings: My Teenage Diary 30th July – 5th August 1994

And so it begins… friendships start cracking and all because of bloody boys! This week’s teenage diary looks at the after math of the parties and sees me getting all lovely dovey all because I’ve had a snog. Pathetic! Oh to be able to travel back in time, give my teenage self a massive hug and tell her that she’s absolutely perfect as she is. But at least I now know what the word  ‘landscape’ means. Such an utter dick! 😉

Saturday 30th July

Percy’s gone to Ireland for three weeks and then I go on holiday. On the night of the party Percy acted really annoyed that we wouldn’t see each other again until we were at school so he said we’d have to wait for TD days. To do what, eh? I nearly got up the courage to ask him out before he left yesterday over the telephone, but I felt I couldn’t do it so I phoned up Sheila and dropped a few subtle hints that I fancied him hoping she’d do it for me, but oh no she didn’t buy it. I think there’s something funny going on because she was in a mood with me because she wanted to get off with Percy. The thing is she says she doesn’t fancy him.

Sunday 1st August

Gary and Twigs called round and Sheila came out. Apparently Percy is going to organise a party at his house when he gets back from holiday, which just happens to be when I’m on holiday. Piss me off or what. I’ve told Sheila that she’s not allowed to get off with him and she says she won’t. Tomorrow I might ask her whether she’ll tell him that I fancy him. That way maybe he’ll feel too smitten with me to get off with anyone else. Gary gave me a backie up to the train station and Twigs gave Sheila one. I can’t help wondering why they came round as Gary is going out with someone.

Monday 2nd August

I asked Dad about whether I could hire the hall for a birthday party but he just cut me short and said he’d give an answer in his own time. Me and Sheila feel like another party but we’d feel a bit chopsy if we phoned up Timothy asking whether we could have it at his house, so we’re going to wait until she gets back from her break and then ask her to ask Timothy. I’m really mixed up at the moment, because I really fancy Percy but at the same time I find myself attracted to Gary. I’m not sure. It seems like I fall for anyone that pays me the least bit of attention. Well as long as they’re decent. Maybe it’s because in the past boys have never paid me much attention. That is until now.

Tuesday 3rd August

I just can’t seem to get up the effort and the want to do homework. I think it’s withdrawal symptoms from all the parties. I’m really missing having something to do of an evening. I’ve been looking back over the year and I’ve realised that it’s been a very special one, after all I had my first kiss. The love bites are starting to wear off. In a way I don’t want them to because it’s the only true evidence that reminds me of that night. Mind you that is something I will never ever forget. I believe that my reason for being born into this world was to marry Percy and see that he lives a happy life. I love him.

Wednesday 4th August

Sheila spent the night which means I spent yet another day without doing any homework. I don’t know why I do it to myself, it’s so torturous. I’ve looked up the word ‘landscape’ in the dictionary. I mean I know what it does mean, but I wanted to know for sure what exactly it was I had to draw for Art. It said it was a stretch of land made up of natural forms so I don’t know what I’m going to draw. I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s hot and then go out on my bike and find somewhere in the country to draw. I might ask whether Claudia wants to come with me, that’s if she hasn’t done it already. I don’t fancy going on my own.

Thursday 5th August

Today has been pretty Joe average, mind you what do you expect when everyone else is out, especially if it’s a sex god named Percy. Notice that ever since Percy got off with me I’ve decided to fancy him again? But that time when I write that I didn’t fancy him, well I  guess I was lying. I still did, it’s just I was trying to push him from my mind because he suddenly seemed to be taking less and less notice of me and I took it to mean he didn’t like me. Maybe he was thinking the same about me, but I just hope he talks to me a lot when we go to school again, because that’s when I’ll see him next.

Friday 6th August

I’ve nearly finished my Technology coursework and I reckon if I work really hard tomorrow I may actually get it finished, which will be at least one heavy weight off my shoulders. I’m going to Chippenham tomorrow and I’m hoping the council offices are open because I really need some leaflets before I can start. I also need to get some books and photocopies. I really need to start though because I’ve got just over two weeks to complete as much of it as possible. We got the new car today and I guess it’s really good. I haven’t really looked at it much, so I couldn’t really say, but it’s a nice colour and it looks cool.

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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