Cringeworthy Moments From My Teenage Diary: July 23rd – 29th 1994

Blimey it’s all going on in this week’s teenage diary. You wait for a boy and then just like buses, two turn up at once. Things have definitely heated up in that department and so I’ll let my teenage words do the talking. Just let me make it known that this is another one of those cringey moments and the use of the ‘f’ word totally made me shudder when I typed it…. you’ll know when you read it!

Enjoy this weeks’ teenage diary… you have been warned 😉

Saturday 23rd July

I varnished the skirting board my bedroom and it was such a horrible job doing it, hopefully Mum will finish it off for me. I found out from Sheila today that whilst Claudia was on the camping trip in Activities Week she went out with a first year, well she still is going out with him. Sad, eh? Especially as it’s that Mathew kid that looks like an ice cream and lives next door to Sally Foster. He is a real dweeb and I don’t think he actually has any friends. Oh well somebody has got to go out with him and if Claudia is prepared to commit the crime then I’m not going to be the person to do so.

Sunday 24th July

I got up fairly early to go to Leekes so that I could look for stuff for my bedroom and also to get prices and catalogues for my Technology coursework. We then went on to Great Mills and then finally to Fads. There are suitable things for my room but I’m not totally convinced so I’m hoping we go to Swindon tomorrow to have a look. Hopefully Mum will get me my swimsuit. Smokie (guineapig) had a really bad fit. It was so bad I just had to go away and shed a few tears to myself. I hate seeing my animals in so much pain, but there’s really nothing I can do after all it was the salt water that started the fit.

Monday 25th July

Went to Swindon today looking for a two piece swimsuit but had no luck seeing as every swimsuit I liked the shop only had in a size 14 or the one that did have my size cost thirty quid and Mum wasn’t prepared to pay for it. So I’ve ordered one from the catalogue. It’s OK I suppose, it will do. But what I did get from Swindon was 5 pairs of knickers costing £15. Mum wasn’t too happy, but she bought them. They only cost that much because one style was Calvin Klein and cost £5.99 but they are so fashionable and lush.

Tuesday 26th July

Timothy called round asking if Sheila was here, because apparently he and Gary got drunk last night and called round to Sheila’s and she couldn’t get rid of them for half an hour and when she did Timothy kissed her on thee cheek. They were going to call for me but they saw no lights on. Relief. Then Timothy phoned up Sheila today and asked her whether she wanted to go to the pub with him. Obviously she refused, but now we think he’s interested in her. Also Sheila told me that Timothy said he’s going to marry me when I’m older. Great. I’m looking forward to it. He’s such a creep. He’s already going out with someone.

Wednesday 27th July

Timothy’s party. That was an experience and a half. OK so I got drunk, but only a little bit. Mind you it was enough for me to get off with Gary. Although I don’t think I regret it, because it was quite nice. I remember him snogging me, with tongues, and he also touched me up down below. It was really nice. It was how I imagine sex to be like, except we had clothes on. He kept pulling me towards him and when the others went out I ended up right on top of him. I don’t know whether Sheila enjoyed it, she didn’t get drunk and she asked Timothy and Cuthbert to walk her home. I guess I’ll apologise tomorrow. I think Claudia got off with Cuthbert.

Thursday 28th July

Party. Today was perhaps the best day of my life so far. I finally did it. I achieved my goal of getting off with Percy. Mind you I was drunk out of my mind, worse than yesterday because I kept falling over. We held the party at Sheila’s house because her mum went out and then at 10.30pm we went down the field. It was so lush because Percy came in and sat by me and as I was drunk I rested my head on him, then he put his legs on me and we ended up snogging with tongues on the floor. He is such a gorgeous kisser. When we went down the field we snogged again on the swings, slide and bench. This time though he was rubbing my breasts, whilst giving me love bites. 2 I think. Whilst on the slide he tried to finger me, but I made him stop. He just said, “Am I going too far?” in a really caring voice.

Friday 29th July

We all woke up around 3am and actually got out of bed at 5.30am. By 6.30am we resulted in waiting down at the bus shelter to meet up with Timothy so that after his paper round we could go to his house to see Gary and Percy who were still in bed. I’ve found three love bites and it’s been so hard trying to hide them from Mum and Dad. I was actually hoping that Percy would be all over me today, but I should have guessed he wouldn’t because it was daylight. Mind you it’s not at all awkward, we were openly talking about what we had done, so it’s not as though he’s ashamed and I know I’m certainly not. He’s lush.

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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