Teenage Angst – My Teenage Diary 7th – 13th May 1994

I swear as each week passes I despair of my teenage self more and more when I read through my teenage diary from 1994. Over-dramatic, full of blame for everyone but myself, and super opinionated about blinkin’ everything, my teenage diary sums up the tricky teenage years pretty well I think!

This week I have a right old moan (OK so some things never change!) about the boys that do fancy me, as well as the boy that clearly doesn’t.

Saturday 7th May

Tommy didn’t come with us in the end so it was just me and Percy. Pure heaven. We went to see The Paper and it was actually a really good film. We didn’t get as close as we usually do when we’re together and by the end we were totally pissed off because we had to wait an hour and a half for the bus to come. But don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed myself. We hung around the town centre and played Alien 3 in Superbowl. I was really crap at it. Dad came back  today and surprise surprise he bought me perfume, but I’m not complaining because it’s really nice stuff. I’m watching A play football tomorrow, great.

Sunday 8th May

I watched A play a final football match against Devizes and although they won 5-1 it was a really crap game and A was pissed off about it. I’m really starting to worry because usually I have my period every 3 weeks but it’s been 5 weeks now and there’s not even a trace. I haven’t had sex so there’s no need to worry about that and I haven’t lost a dramatic amount of weight so I don’t know what it is. Knowing my luck I’ll have it when we go away next weekend and I’ll have to explain to Sheila why I can’t go swimming. I wish I could use tampons. I’m sure nobody else has trouble inserting them.

Monday 9th May

I found out my Maths results and it was a totally crap 64%, great or what. Had a major embarrassment because someone had to tell me my skirt was tucked in my knickers. Die or what! My period came today so there’s no need to worry any more. Let’s just hope it’s gone by the end of the week. I’m not sure where I stand with Sheila, she doesn’t seem to be telling me everything. I’ve got a feeling she fancies Todd Charles but she’s probably more likely to tell Nadine than me and that makes me feel really unwanted. She just doesn’t seem to want to be around me. Now she’s got Nadine, I’m bottom of the pile.

Tuesday 10th May

I’ve been getting on better with Sheila today so things are back to normal. Percy’s saying the usual odd word or so but I’d be over the moon if he just uttered a sentence to me. I’m really worried about work experience. It’s two weeks tomorrow and I haven’t got my letter back yet so I haven’t got any details on it or anything. I’ve got my French orals tomorrow and I suppose I’m quite confident about it. Except I’m not so sure  about the role play, but I’ve revised everything I possibly can so I’ll just have to try my  hardest tomorrow. Then of course I’ve got German orals next week.

Wednesday 11th May

Again we didn’t have our French orals so now we’ve been told we’ve got them on Monday, which is the same day as we’ve got our German so god knows how I’m going to cope. We had an eye test and I was so crap at it.  I could hardly read any of it but she didn’t say anything so I take it I don’t need glasses, which is a relief. My mouth is really hurting from where my wisdom tooth is coming through. Mum says she’ll take me to the dentist, but what will they do except tell me to take a paracetamol. Interform athletics has come around again and this year I’m putting my foot down about what I will or will not do.

Thursday 12th May

I don’t really believe this, but Cuthbert Gilbert has told me that Alistair Foster fancies me. I hope it’s not true anyway because he’s a total loser. I’ve been put down for javelin for interform athletics, which isn’t too bad. Betty is the captain and she knows I don’t want to do any running so she won’t put me down for it, which is a big weight off my mind. We’re supposed to be doing role plays in English and I really hate doing stuff like that because it’s just so embarrassing. We’re going to Southampton tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. It will be like a semi-holiday and me and Sheila can get up to such tricks.

Friday 13th May

Went down to Southampton for the weekend because A was going to Winchester on a football weekend. This boy A plays football with called Toby fancies me. The thing is he’s a real chimp and not at all attractive in the least. It’s so unfair. The hotel is really nice, but there are very few facilities. Mind you the TV in our room has got Sky. There are a couple of nice boys staying here but all the rest are here on business so it’s all pretty formal. I’m quite honoured that Toby fancies me because it’s not very often  people are attracted to me. I’m not honoured enough to go out with him though.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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