The Benefits Of Cycling To Work

Are you thinking about making a change to your commute? Are you tired of sitting in traffic jams, squeezing onto packed tubes or waiting in the rain for a bus that should have arrived half an hour ago? Perhaps cycling to work could provide the perfect solution.

Of course, it’s only viable if you live relatively close by – you don’t want to be taking on something akin to a stage of the Tour de France twice a day. Statistics show that cycling makes up just 1% of all vehicular road traffic in Great Britain, but there are plenty of initiatives that have been set up to encourage people to pedal to work.

In fact, approximately 180,000 people take part in cycle to work schemes every year, with employers offering incentives to their staff for doing so. The reality is there are plenty of benefits to commuting by bike over other forms of transport, so read on to find out more about what they are and why they might appeal to you.


There is an increasing focus on climate change and how our lifestyles impact our surroundings. The UK government has committed to bringing all greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, so why not do your bit and leave the car at home when you commute? Cycling to work will reduce the amount of carbon emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles, helping to protect our planet for future generations to enjoy.


There are plenty of health benefits to cycling, too. It can help you to lose weight, build muscle, improve your cardiovascular fitness and reduce your chances of respiratory illness. It’s also a low-impact form of exercise, so your hips, knees and ankles won’t take the same strain as they would if you were to walk or run a similar distance.


Cycling to work could also have a positive effect on your bank balance. By avoiding public transport or leaving the car at home – perhaps even selling it altogether – you could make some serious savings. Of course, there may still be expenses involved – for example, emergency repairs may leave you considering a bad credit loan if you usually struggle to get credit and you have no other way of getting to the office. It is essential that you always carefully consider your financial situation if you do end up applying for a loan.


Say goodbye to sleepy journeys on hot, packed-out public transport that leave you feeling more tired than when your alarm went off. Instead, cycle to work and get the endorphins pumping. Freshen up with a shower when you arrive and you’ll be ready to tackle the day head on, impress your bosses and advance your career.

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