The Top 3 Reasons to Consider Concierge Medical Care

American patients often complain of the little time that they get from the doctors they pay to see. They wait so long to see a doctor only to have the whole experience ending up being a great disappointment. Doctors are often so busy and overloaded with work that the time they allocate to see their patients is often not enough to do a proper diagnosis. The result is that the charge is way higher in comparison to the time available. Physicians are also complaining of the increasing number of daily patients and rescheduling is not an option. Β The alternative to this is concierge medicine, which has become popular in the market and these are some of the reasons many are choosing to go with this option:

Build Up A Good Relationship With Your Physician

With concierge medical care, you get to see your doctor according to your planned schedule and the time you two spend together is determined carefully. You aim to get to personally know your physician – their education background, if they have ever handled a similar case like yours and if so what was the outcome. It helps the doctor to get to know you better, your diet, your routine, when your symptoms started and what you are maybe doing now that you should stop. It means that the doctor has ample time to carry out proper analysis and come up with the best diagnosis for you. The patient on the other hand feels safe and cared for from the time and attention he or she is accorded and that means they are able to judge whether to continue with the same doctor or change to a different one.

It Creates A Good Detailed Medical Record

It’s the duty of your specified physician to keep good clean records of your health and to continue tracking progress. If for example it is a trial treatment, records will show the progress, either the success of the treatment or the failure. In both cases, with this report on your medical history, the doctor is able to refer you to another specialist which will make the treatment much faster and easier. In case of an emergency, your records are easily accessible in the system and therefore first aid and treatment would be much easier to administer with this historical knowledge. If for example, you are allergic to certain medications, it will help the attending physician administer the correct treatment.

Saves You A Lot Of Money

Moving from one physician to another because of difficulties in booking an appointment can be extremely costly. Physicians are also likely to differ in professional opinions and one treatment can lead to the growth of a lot more difficulties in the future. Side ailments caused by change of treatments are therefore more likely to arise and this creates unnecessary extra expense that would have been avoided if you had just one attending physician.

Concierge medicine has benefited a lot of people all over the world and you shouldn’t be left out. It is easy to sign up to and the merits far outweigh the bad. Research has shown that almost all patients of concierge medicine have no more continuous life complications after treatment. With concierge medical care, life is so much safer, easier and economical.

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