Four Ways To Avoid Catching A Cold

People often think that colds happen as the result of the winter months, but in fact, it’s not cold weather that causes a cold. It’s a lower immune system being attacked by bacteria and germs, and it’s more often during the seasonal transitions that a cold develops. When your body is acclimated to the winter months and then the temperature shoots up, it’s the perfect space for a cold to manifest. No one wants a cold; the sneezing, the sniffing, the coughing and lethargy are all awful feelings, and while you want to feel better, you don’t want to necessarily lock yourself in the house until it’s over.

You can avoid catching colds, though. You would look at signing up for Medicaid to ensure you were protected in the event of an accident, so why wouldn’t you look into everything that you can possibly do to avoid feeling rubbish with a cold? Below, we’ve got four ways that you can naturally avoid catching a cold as much as possible.


You don’t need to chow down on loaves of bread slathered in garlic butter to avoid a cold (although that would be tasty!) but it’s the garlic you want. Raw garlic specifically, as it has a number of immune-boosting properties that will help you to better fight off infections and bacteria. It’ll help you to speed up your recovery as well as lessen the symptoms you’re feeling. Your cold wouldn’t hang on for very long when you are eating garlic, and it’s so easy to add it to the diet. You can add it to your food and if you don’t like the taste, but you want all the benefits, you can eat it in odorless capsule form. The benefits are huge and you can normalise your cholesterol and circulation with it too.


Nauseous? Have some ginger. Sore muscles? Take some ginger. Ginger is often hailed as a miracle root and it’s for a very good reason. It’s a great all-rounder ingredient that can help your cholesterol, treat your indigestion, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. If you have a sore throat, it’s a root you should try. You don’t have to eat it raw, though, as it’s particularly potent and very strong. However, it would help if you eased your symptoms with crystallized ginger or ginger supplements.


Ah, the spice that can do it all! Turmeric is a part of the ginger family so it makes sense as to why this is something that would help with a cold. There are a lot of health benefits to turmeric and it can help you when added to soups and smoothies, or in capsule form. Some of the properties are anti-viral and it inhibits viral growth and reduces the symptoms of colds and flu. It works to boost the immune system at the same time, and turmeric milk is known as particularly beneficial. It’s so easy to make and this recipe for turmeric milk proves it!

Green Tea

Lastly, green tea has been recognized for years as a tea that is packed with antioxidants. You can keep illness at bay and work green tea every day.

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