My Teenage Diary Series – 2nd September 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

Yesterday we went to Diggers to see Druid. Percy phoned me during the day to see if I was going so in the end we decided to go with Sheila, Tommy and Coco. Me and Sheila met them on the Fosseway bus. Percy, Tommy and Coco got in before me and Sheila so when we got in there we went up to buy some neon tubes and then went to look for them. I noticed Kenneth sat down so I ignored him, but when I walked past him I was like really happy and looked like I was having a good time without him. I know he saw me, because I saw him looking out of the corner of my eye. We eventually found the others up the top. Later on in the night I had the idea of using Percy to make Kenneth jealous. Percy didn’t mind one bit, so we stood on the floor above him so he could really see us. Percy was stood behind me hugging me and we were dancing together. Kenneth kept looking up and seeing what a great time I was having and he was looking really pissed off especially when Percy started kissing my back.

By about 11.30pm Kenneth had left, obviously in a very bad mood and I felt really good. Percy was trying it on really bad. He said that in return for the favour he did for me I had to either give him a kiss or my neon tube. He wanted the kiss because he kept trying, but I kept telling him I couldn’t because of Sheila. Eventually, I said I’d kiss him later away from everyone else. Later on we were upstairs. Me, Percy and Tommy sat down. We split open a neon tube and poured out the contents on Percy’s hand. He went away to wash it off and after a while Tommy went somewhere to do something so I just waited, because they both said they were coming back. I was there for about 5 minutes then Percy came back. He sat down and then he kissed me. He was so soft and gentle, unlike the last time we got off with one another. Afterwards he said, “See it wasn’t that bad was it”, so I said “No” and we kissed again. Then he said, “Who needs Kenneth?” He kissed me again when I said about him ruining my neon tube and then we were just about to go back down and dance so he gave me one last kiss. The thing is Tommy saw us, even though he didn’t say anything about it. Percy was laughing, but I was really paranoid because I could imagine Tommy telling Sheila, which is all I need. I’m not falling for Percy again. I don’t make mistakes twice, but this felt right. This time however, I feel in control.

I didn’t hang around Percy for the rest of the night, but Sheila said he was in a mood, so she asked him what was wrong. He didn’t say, so she said, “You like Becky don’t you?” and he said, “Sort of”. So, as long as I remain the one being chased instead of me doing the chasing, I’m alright. I mean I don’t want to hurt Sheila and I know there could be huge arguments especially if anything happened between me and Percy and his track record isn’t brilliant. I just want a bit of fun.

I actually feel guilty about what I did to Kenneth last night even though I’m glad I did it. Tomorrow I may phone him up and ask how we stand. It may end and even though I’d be upset, because I really like Kenneth, at least I would know what’s going on.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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