Fun Fitness Classes You Need To Try in 2021

You could have the best adjustable dumbbell going, the motivation of a supreme athlete, and a home gym all your friends are envious of, but if you’ve been doing the same workout day in day out for what seems like forever it is only inevitable that at some point you are going to get bored. And when you get bored, there is a much greater chance that you’ll give up and what a shame that would be to see all your hard work go to waste.

To prevent boredom from kicking in and to help inspire you to mix up your routine, we’ve put together our list of some fun fitness classes to try out in 2021.

Hip Hop Yoga

Channel your inner Jay Z, grab your chunky gold jewelry, and get yourself down to a hip hop yoga class. The latest in novelty yoga trends, hip hop yoga is all about working out to the music you love. Hip hop yoga is fast paced, which means you’re going to get hot and sweaty, so think of it as being a bit like Bikram yoga. Moving to music not only helps you get into the flow, but it also lifts your mood and will keep you smiling for the rest of the day.

Aerial Trapeze

Don your leotard (extra points for a customised one), throw caution to the wind, and release your inner child, it’s time to live the circus dream and conquer your fear of heights with a bit of aerial trapeze.

As the name would suggest this is training on the trapeze in the air, but don’t worry the first few times you try it, the trapeze will be lower to the ground and there will of course be plenty of safety nets and bouncy gym mats to cushion your fall. Aerial trapeze offers a combination of yoga and acrobatic moves and is absolutely incredible for your core and for toning up those areas you never knew needed toning.

Hula Hooping

We can’t think of anything more fun that is also super beneficial to your core than doing a spot of hula hooping. But it’s not just your core that’s going to feel it, hula hooping gives a total full body workout and you are going to be feeling those DOMs for days!

For an extra hard workout choose a weighted hula hoop, but expect bruises for the first few times you use it. They might look like kids play equipment but they are hardcore. Brilliant for improving co-ordination skills, flexibility and balance, you can also expect to burn off a whopping 600 calories an hour busting out those hula moves.

Disco Barre

What do you get when you combine disco music with ballet barre moves? Disco barre of course! If you’ve ever done barre before you’ll know that those seemingly simple to the eye moves are actually crazy difficult, but my goodness are they good for toning up. The disco element makes these fun fitness classes really popular among old and young alike and moves can be tailored to suit all abilities.

Aqua Cycling

Aqua Cycling is the ideal choice if you are looking for a great cardio class but don’t fancy breaking into a sweat. Simply grab your swimmers and enjoy a unique workout session this year that delivers maximum results. Water cycling enables you to gain even more benefits than cycling on land as the water provides resistance while also offering a low impact exercise for your muscles and joints.

Cycling in the water may take a little getting used to, but you are sure to love the feeling of this calorie-burning cardio workout. So, why get hot and sweaty cycling on dry land when you can combine a trip to the pool with a powerful cardio session and achieve even greater results?

After reading this we’re guessing you might want to shut down your home gym for a while and venture out to try some of the fun fitness classes on offer in your area. We know we would!

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