July 1993 – My Teenage Diary Revealed

Let me take you back to July 1993. It’s the end of the summer term, the last time I have to take certain subjects before being able to do the ones I chose for my options, I’m doing work experience at the local vets, I’m trying to complete the expedition part of my bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, I’ve gone to my first ever Take That concert, and I’m spending my hard earned cash on a black cotton hat and a navy waistcoat…. WTAF!

Yep you guessed it, it’s teenage diary time  🙂

Thursday 1st July

Period. Saw Take That on Top of the Pops singing ‘Pray’. It’s such a lush song, just like Mark who looks lusher than ever. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing them in concert in less than a month. It’s a dream come true. Of course I videoed it. I bet Sheila reruns it and writes down the words. Well so am I when I get the chance, hopefully before tomorrow. Wore my hair different this time so it was down. Most people commented on it, all positive comments. Yeah!

Friday 2nd July

Teacher training day. Yeah! Shopping in Bristol with Sheila. Babysitting for Winnie. I bought such lush things: black dress, black cycling shorts, black platform sandals and various other bits and bobs. Got £5 for babysitting so with my paper round money totaling up to £12 I can spend that tomorrow in Chippenham. I’m only gonna go to the vets until 10am tomorrow.

Saturday 3rd July

Vets. Payday. Today I bought a black cotton hat and a navy waistcoat. I had a great debate about why I couldn’t light my incense coils. In the end I won and I can now light them. Tomorrow Mum’s buying a Sunday Mirror because I asked her if she would because it has Take That in it. Do you like the sticker of Mark? It’s lush isn’t it.

Sunday 4th July

I felt awful today, I was sick 3 times this morning and now I ache all over. Sheila phoned the TT phone line and on there it said that the 2nd CD was coming out on the 9th, so Rose is going to take us in. Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might not go to school and Mum will come on my paper round with me. I’m still going to get the single and I’ll have to phone Sheila and tell her what’s happening. Grandad gave me £15 for Germany.

Monday 5th July

Take That single ‘Pray’ comes out today. It’s so lush and the songs are even better. Made a list of what I’m taking to Germany, quite a big one but who cares. Gary and Howard were on the BB, they sang this song that Zig and Zag had made up, it was so funny. Still feel sicky and have got a headache but there’s nothing I can do about it. The next CD definitely comes out on the 19th July. Mum will have to get it.

Tuesday 6th July

Mark and Robbie were on the BB today. Mark was asking Agony Alien Zig about what he should do about his lizard because he gave him sprout peelings instead of lettuce leaves and felt guilty. Ah my poor baby. For our expedition we’re going to do a questionnaire and ask questions to people on our route. Sounds fun…. un! Played on the computers in English because everyone’s at different stages of their work. I probably won’t be tomorrow though because I’ve got a library lesson.

Wednesday 7th July

In Smash Hits it’s got pictures of Take That when they were little. It’s so cute, but funny. Had my last ever lesson of History today. It feels great to be free from Mr Goman. Sheila went to the doctors about her toe again and she said that the shoes she’s wearing don’t help so her mum is giving her £50 on Saturday to spend on some platform sandals and a swimming costume. Some people have all the luck, it’s just not fair. I can’t wait for Germany, it’s gonna be such a laugh.

Thursday 8th July

Back to Sheila’s. Sheila gave me my ticket to look after. She gave me some nail varnish remover, eye make up remover and I taped some songs off of her CD. I’m entering a competition to win a pair of tickets to see Take That at Wembly and for a portable CD player. I probably won’t win but I can hope. I’m in set 2 for Maths, it’s for the best really. I finished my pinball game today and I’m really proud of it. Mark was on the BB as a bus conductor. Even I’ve got to say it, it was so sad.

Friday 9th July

Aerobics. Sheila stays the night. Tomorrow we’re going into Chippenham to get last minute stuff for Germany. My last lesson of Drama today, ever. Hoorah! In Science we videoed our presentation wearing white coats. I’m sorry, but it’s totally crap. Tomorrow we’re phoning for tickets for the November tour in Birmingham. Mum says she’ll probably pay as a birthday treat. 2 weeks today and I’ll be seeing them, but somehow I don’t think we’ve got that good a position. I’ll try to get a front row seat in November.

Saturday 10th July

Payday. Babysitting 7.30-11.30pm. Got tickets for the 14th November at Birmingham and as near to the front as we could get because the phone lines were really busy. Went shopping, bought: ex-cla-ma-tion, 3 magazines, bracelet, and a pair of hoop ear rings. I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening, it’s gonna be such a laugh. You’re gonna be packed now, so I’ll see you Monday night.

Sunday 11th July

Leaving for Germany. Today was so boring. I was hectic all day and I really didn’t know what to do. I cleaned out the animals and got all my jobs done that needed to be done. ‘Pray’ reached number 1 in the charts. Take That’s first ever number 1. Got on the coach OK and I really don’t know what else to write so I’ll close there.

Monday 12th July

14 hours of travelling, it’s not funny. I didn’t have much to eat and so felt really dizzy when we went into the town of Andernach. There are a few nice boys but quite frankly all Germans seem to have big noses and look like Florian out of ZickZack. This evening we went for a walk along the Rhine and took various funny pictures. We all dressed up for dinner. Dinner was gross.

Tuesday 13th July

Noreen is a whore, slag. Went for a boat cruise on the Rhine and went on a cable car. I’m well pissed off with Noreen. She thinks she’s so great and reckons she could be a model when she’s older. Absolutely no chance, she has no personality whatsoever. I really hate her. She’s just apologised but I don’t accept it. I told her I did accept, but I don’t. She’s a bitch and I don’t see how I can survive this holiday any more.

Wednesday 14th July

Went wine tasting but because I don’t like wine I had grape juice instead. It was raining so that ruined the day partly. But I saved all my money so that I can spend it tomorrow when we go to Bonn. The lady that serves us dinner and breakfast is really making us laugh because each morning she says “Tee oder Jooce” in a really funny voice. I’m getting pissed off. Totally wish I hadn’t even come to Germany. I’d much rather have gone on a family holiday.

Thursday 15th July

Today we went to Phantasialand and Bonn. This has been the best day of the week. I went on the rollercoaster, silber mine, log flumes, space centre, Hollywood tours, and various other rides. We spent the night with the first years talking in our room, it was really good. Much better than hanging round Noreen. I’ve made a lot of friends since I came here, that is one of the plus points of coming. Tomorrow I’m going to change 40 Marks back to English money.

Friday 16th July

Back from Germany. The journey is just so long it makes you feel well and truly gutted. Got back home at about 10.30pm and I unpacked because I wanted to get it out of the way. The November tickets came through. We’re sitting in block 16D 50/51, which is slanted at the side so we should get a pretty good view. I’ve ordered £15.80 worth of CTG because it will last me a long time and also all the items had been reduced.

Saturday 17th July

Sheila’s Birthday. A came back from Pencelli, apparently he spoke to Daisy Luck and they’re kind of friends. She was supposed to have said that now she knows what A’s like she’d like to get to know me better. I hope so, of what I know she’s really nice. Went to the village fete, didn’t win anything, which isn’t surprising. Sheila and I are thinking of starting up a nail decorating business at 10p per nail. I doubt whether anyone will have one done, let alone 10.

Sunday 18th July

‘Pray’ still at number 1. I cleaned the animals out with help from Sheila cos she came over. Because she’s got birthday money she’s getting a new outfit for the concert, which means she’ll look great and I’ll look aggie. I don’t know what to wear, I’ll have to experiment. Sheila wants me to go over to her house early Friday morning so I’ll have to take everything with me. I’ll be in such a frenzy. She plaited every bit of my hair and then tomorrow I’m taking it out and it should be curly. I’m really dreading the expedition tomorrow. I just want it to go away!

Monday 19th July

Expedition. 2nd TT single out! I don’t know why I bother, I’m totally knackered, I feel like giving up. The only good thing was that my rucksack was lighter. Apart from that everything went kind of bad. We got lost (majorly). Dinner actually went OK, but they were really small portions and the Angel Delight had loads of lumps in it. I’m really dreading tomorrow. I’d much rather be at school.

Tuesday 20th July

Expedition. Woke up freezing to death. I had a really good dream with Take That in. Mark was sat behind me chatting, smiling and then dancing like in ‘Pray’ with me it was so lush. Today was awful. We think we’ve failed because we got lost and generally did really crap. I told the others which way to go, but do you think they’d listen to me, oh no, it had to be done their way. Anyway I don’t care if we failed, life’s too short to worry about it.

Wednesday 21st July

Summer holidays. Babysitting 7.30pm. We were told we’d be babysitting until 10pm but Bernard didn’t get back until 11.15pm and then he didn’t have the correct money so he’s coming round and giving it to me (about £3). He’s such a spack and a hunchback. I’ve got a cold and knowing my luck I’ll still have it for the concert. I don’t know whether to throw a teddy on stage with some poetry attached to it. I’ll have to think about it. I’d like to but Sheila will take the jip.

Thursday 22nd July

Allowance. I can’t believe we’re actually going to see Take That tomorrow. It’s amazing. Bernard came round and gave me the rest of the babysitting money (spack). Got a letter from Tanya which made me feel really guilty so I wrote her a really long one to make up for me not sending one in ages. I’m going to throw two teddies and note on stage for Mark if I’ve got the guts and depending how close we really are. I really can’t wait. It’s a dream come true for me.

Friday 23rd July

TAKE THAT CONCERT! Hoorah! Went over to Sheila’s at about 10am, she was still in her bedclothes and remained in them until we got ready for the concert. I’m getting really excited now to think that we’ll be seeing them, Take That, tonight. I want to cry and scream and shout but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to. If I’m near enough I’m going to throw two teddies with a note attached on stage for Mark. Concert here we come.

Saturday 24th July

I can’t believe that the concert is over. We’ve waited about 5 months for it and then it’s over in just one night. I feel I’ve got to see them again. I’ve got a pain running through my heart from feeling love sick over Mark. I’m sending him a letter, hopefully he’ll read it and maybe reply. Went into Chippenham because I had some money. Two boys walked past and apparently one of them said to me “nice bum”. I bought a pair of black jeans, conditioner, dolphin ring, razors, cotton wool, and some zit pads. I’ve reserved Take That’s book ‘ Our Story’.

Sunday 25th July

Jurassic Park at cinema. We managed to get in easily, the cinema was barely half full. It was really good actually, worth seeing but not exactly scary. Take That were on The Ozone, filming the tour date they were at Manchester G-Mex centre. It brought back all the memories and I’m really glad I videoed it. An extended version is being shown on Tuesday. Straight at the end of the concert they get smuggled into police vans to avoid fans getting to them.

Monday 26th July

Get up for paper round. Deliver letter to Mark. CTG didn’t come, hopefully it will come tomorrow but I have my doubts. Went over to Sheila’s about 3pm after having my hair cut. All the kids were there, it’s so hectic. Whenever they’re around Sheila turns into a different person and starts ignoring me and leaving me out of things. I just follow along with it, stupid really. I managed to get her to give me some pictures of Mark, they’re really lush black and white ones. They’ve gone straight on the wall.

Tuesday 27th July

Swimming at the Oasis with Sheila, Stan, A, Rose, Geraldine, Stuart and Ian. It was OK, but I only swam for about 10 mins before I got a nose bleed just like the one I had before the concert. I had to go to the first aid room and this really lush bloke was telling me to hold the top of my nose (he was the first aid assistant and his thighs were gorgeous). He wiped the blood away from my face and I was still in my swimming costume – it was so lush. My CTG stuff came at last.

Wednesday 28th July

Babysitting 7.30pm Curls. She gave us £2 each for it which was more than enough. I’ve written another letter to Mark but this time asking him for some advice on how to get out more and how to find a boyfriend. My life feels empty. Played tennis. Never again. It was so boring. Mum’s trying her hardest to keep me and A from being bored but the fact remains I’d rather be with my mates than go out with her and A – without meaning to be horrible! I start a diet tomorrow by not eating any lunch, snacks, or pudding and I’ll exercise.

Thursday 29th July

I sent the letter to Mark off today by first class, hopefully I’ll get a reply but I have many doubts. Sheila called round with Chaz at about 1.30pm so I went for a walk with them and then went over to Geraldine’s until 4pm.  I didn’t stick to my diet, it’s partly because I’m bored that I feel I have to eat and what’s even worse was that Mum had been shopping and bought doughnuts so in reality I’ve got no hope of losing any weight.

Friday 30th July

Aerobics. I’ve started designing and making t-shirts. I’ve got out all 4 of my white t-shirts and I’m re-designing them so that I will actually wear them. Sheila and I went for a bike ride of about 3 miles which I suppose did us some good. We also went to Aerobics. Poppy was there and she actually joined in but Ailsa Airy just sat there and watched for an hour. I’m dreading going to the vets tomorrow, it’s just so boring because they always give me such crappy jobs like sweeping the dog crap from the yard.

Saturday 31st July

Vets 8-10am. It was a lot better at the vets because there weren’t so many people so I got more jobs even though they were all crappy ones. Went over to Sheila’s about 2pm and I’m staying the night. Hopefully next Saturday I’ll be able to go into town to get all my school stuff and then I have to save £50 for the concert, £12 for the album, £5 for a single, £10 in total for birthday presents and so much for magazines so all in all I won’t have a lot left at the end of it all. Oh well.


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*The names have been changed from those in my teenage diary to protect the not so innocent

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