How To Green Up Your Beauty Routine

Gradually we are all becoming more and more aware of the importance of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle and the preservation of nature. So, it’s not surprising that the cosmetic industry is following in these footsteps and producing organic products to keep up with customer demand.

If you still haven’t gone completely green, take a look at our list of useful tips on how to green up your beauty routine.

Get Rid Of Old Products

Once you’ve decided to switch to natural cosmetics, you should get rid of your old products. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw them away. Why not give away any of your unopened products to somebody as a present or as a raffle prize or charity donation. Another option, in case you’re not so keen on dumping them, is simply to combine these products with the new ones until you finish them off. However, remember that the faster you go green, the sooner the results will be visible.

Some of the great brands that you can start with are include: Herbivore Botanicals, Ilia Beauty, Au Naturale along with many, many others.

Start With The Basics

Since you’re a novice, we advise you to start with the basics. Don’t buy more products than is necessary, because you really don’t need too many of them in order to achieve an effective skincare routine. So, keep it simple and go only for a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser that suits your skin type.

As you can see, three carefully chosen organic products can do more than all the others combined. Why is that so? Well, the secret lies in the fact that healthy organic cosmetics don’t contain any harmful chemicals. And what’s even more important, is that not only will your skin significantly benefit from it, but our planet will as well.

Read The Labels

Another important step on your journey to healthier skin is learning to read the labels. Sometimes it’s obvious that the product is organic. However, in many cases, you need to look carefully at the label and check all the ingredients before buying it. Aside from the ingredients, also check whether there is a recycling symbol on the package, since this can additionally indicate whether the brand in question cares about the environment and your health.

Another way you can get informed on eco-friendly products and organic non-cruelty brands is by following organic skincare product reviews, different blogs, and websites on this topic. In today’s world, it’s crucial that you’re well-informed, since the choices are countless and you can easily end up confused and fooled into buying products which actually contain toxic chemicals.

Do It Yourself!

Another way to green up your beauty routine is by trying to incorporate some DIY products that you’ve made yourself. For example, you can start with amazing homemade face masks that are made from organic products, such as fruit and vegetables. This way you’ll be 100% sure that they don’t contain even one single harmful substance that could endanger your health and as an added bonus you’ll also have fun preparing it.

However, some won’t even require preparation at all. For example, olive oil can serve as an excellent moisturiser without adding anything else to it.

Don’t just change the products you use – change your entire lifestyle.


April 22nd, the so-called Earth Day, is almost here. And, if you’re thinking about going green, this date can mark that wise and significant decision in your life.

So, apart from buying organic cosmetic products, you can start recycling, right?

Keep in mind that not all kinds of plastic are the same and that they cannot be recycled together. For example, make sure to remove the caps from bottles, because they can spoil the rest of the recycling load.

Additionally, you should try switching to organic food as well. One of the best ways to do this is by growing your own at home. Nevertheless, if this is impossible, don’t worry; there are many stores today that specifically sell organic food.

As you can see, going green is both easy and fun. Aim to start with your beauty routine and then gradually incorporate new healthy habits into your entire life.

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