My Teenage Diary Series – April 13th 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

What a day! It started off with Cuthbert Gilbert phoning and asking me whether I’d thought about whether I’d go to the prom with him. I just told him as politely as possible that I don’t think my boyfriend would like it and that I’m really sorry. I felt so guilty because it must have taken a lot of guts to phone me up. I’m going to speak to him when I go back to school.

My afternoon in Lacock was pure bliss. OK so we didn’t kiss, but we made progress, we held hands. He showed me all around Lacock and we were basically fooling around with one another, like threatening to throw each other in the river. Then I tried tripping him up so he got me in a fireman’s lift. The ice finally broke when we were led in the park. He’d just bought me a Tangletwister, so we sat in the park because it was really hot. I led down a bit so he did as well and then we turned over onto our stomachs. I was teaching him how to make lambs tails out of daisies and then I decided to tickle him. He grabbed my hand away and so then we just lay there holding hands. It was bliss. He then got thirsty so I told him he’d have to pull me up. So again we were holding hands down the street. I’m so glad we’ve crossed that first barrier. Now we’ve got to get over the kissing one.

I think he wanted to when I left, but I was trying to get on the bus because it was the last one I could get. He’s going away for the week and coming back Monday. I hope we can meet up in Chippenham next week sometime because then we can laze around Monkton Park and maybe get our photos done together. I think he’s really great and I can’t believe I’m going out with him. I’m so lucky. I just hope it lasts longer than my usual track record of 1 month. At the moment I know I won’t be the one to dump him. I like him too much. I can’t wait to see him again.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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