My Teenage Diary Week 3 (15th – 21st January 1994)

It’s that time of the week where we travel back to 1994 and delve into the pages of my teenage diary. It was a time when if you wanted to speak to your mates you either had to beg your parents to use the home phone, or wander down to the local phone box with a pocketful of 20p’s. A time when perms were fashionable, we relied on teen magazines for sex advice, and I seemingly spent most of my time swooning over Take That. This week sees me getting my knickers in a twist about a friend being complimented by Robbie from Take That, thinking I’m the best basketball player since Michael Jordan, and using the word ‘miff’ way more than could ever be considered socially cool.

Enjoy the read and remember to come back next week 🙂

Saturday 15th January

Lofty stayed last night and is also staying tonight. I went to Sheila’s house. He’s not that bad, quite sweet in a childlike way. Oldham lost 0 – 3 to Liverpool which means they’re second from last in the Premier League. I don’t actually feel 100% well and right now I keep getting all these dizzy spells. I made a necklace out of an old shoelace and some lucky charms. It’s not exactly brilliant but it’s wearable. I’ve decided that Ryan Giggs is quite good looking when he plays football and the goalkeeper (Walker) for Spurs hasn’t exactly been hit by the ugly stick. Sheila reckons that in an interview Jason said Take That wouldn’t be in the country for most of the year. Miff.

Sunday 16th January

Today was another one of those average days where we get dressed at 12.00 and by then most of the day has gone. We both ate three Crunchies each and so decided to do exercises. Like it’s going to burn it all off. I’ve decided tomorrow I’ll go on a diet which involves eating no snacks and only eating very healthy foods as far as I can. Apparently, someone phoned for me while I was out. Dad says he thinks it’s a lady, it’s probably Nina about babysitting, but I’m almost sure she’d phone Sheila if she knew I was there. Anyway, whoever it was they haven’t phoned back. Babe is now at number 21. I can’t believe it. I expect next week they won’t even be in the charts.

Monday 17th January

Betty came in and told me that last Wednesday her uncle saw Take That in a TV studio and he showed Betty’s picture to Robbie and he said, “she looks nice, I’ll have to look out for her letters.” That is a real miff. If she gets a reply I will just die of jealousy. Mind you if I’d touched a letter that Take That had touched… Phwoar! I didn’t start my diet. I mean I’m not exactly fat and it’s not as though I overindulge. I’ve got it into my head that we’re moving to Manchester, because of dad’s work and that I’ll be really confident. The thing is it’s not going to happen, but to me it seems so real.

Tuesday 18th January

I came up with this really good idea of how to get a reply from Take That. I pretended that I was doing a project for school and needed some answers off them. Hopefully they’ll fall for it. I don’t mean to be sneaky but if I keep writing letters like I usually do there’s absolutely no chance of them writing back. That woman that rang me up didn’t phone back so I’ll probably never know who it was. God it could have been anyone. I might have won a competition or anything. What a real miff. I’m playing basketball tomorrow. I really hope we win and I play well, maybe score some baskets. If I did it would earn me some respect and maybe people would like me better.

Wednesday 19th January

We won basketball by 18 – 6 and I actually scored a basket. It was a good one as well. It earnt me a bit of respect. During the game Chuck kept shouting “look for Rebecca”. Afterwards, Arnold said “you looked as though you’d got a really good rhythm going”. And before the match Jock told me how good I was at basketball meaning my day has been brilliant. I read in the newspaper that Take That are going to perform in front of thousands at Wembley in the summer. If this is true I am just going to have to get a ticket without fail. Mum has raised my allowance to £45 a month. She says it’s easier to work out than £43.33. Fine by me.

Thursday 20th January

I was asked by Mrs Saunders my Maths teacher if I wanted to go on a Maths weekend in March. I felt quite honoured actually. She picked me out of all the other people in my set. When she asked me I couldn’t exactly say no. So I’m going. It’s on the 18th – 20th March. I suppose if I don’t like it at least I’ll get to meet some new people from different schools. We did a science experiment using a water bath and it collapsed meaning it and its contents went everywhere. It was so funny. At lunchtime we watched Neighbours because Percy bought in his pocket TV. I really like Percy, I just feel totally attracted to him like a magnet.

Friday 21st January

I felt bloody awful today. I’ve got a stinking cold which isn’t making me feel any brighter. Petunia is having her hair cut really short and then having it permed next week. I can just tell it’s going to really suit her and she’ll be receiving all the praises. I personally think it will look really crap on her. I told you she’d get her hair permed. God she copies my every bloody move, except this time she’s going a step further by having her hair cut as well. I hate her she’s such a bitchy cow. I only talk to her because I can’t be bothered with all this arguing business. I’m determined to beat her in my exams because whenever she beats me she gets her kicks out of laughing at me.

Phew the drama never ends does it!  Tune in next week for more teenage angst!

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