Resolutions for 2016 #15

In 2016 we will…

Throw out the scales.

One of the most common resolutions people make each year is to lose weight, but sometimes we can all become a little bit too obsessed with the numbers we see on the scales, so much so that we can end up losing motivation and giving up at the very first hurdle. So, as an act of rebellion against this, Art of Healthy Living is telling you to throw out those scales in 2016 and focus instead on eating clean, unprocessed foods, escaping and having fun, whilst exercising in the great outdoors and to be more mindful of everything you set about achieving, no matter how small.

Making positive lifestyle changes is proven to be far more beneficial to our long term health than religiously tracking our daily statistics. Aside from the fact most people’s weight fluctuates up and down on a daily basis through reasons other than the amount of the food they may have consumed that day, weighing yourself every day can result in controlling behaviour that may even lead onto you developing issues with food.  It is not healthy to weigh yourself every day and the number you see on the scales is just that, a number. One person’s heavy 10 stone is another persons light 10 stone, you simply cannot compare. What does matter, more than anything, is that you learn to love who you are, what you look like and that you can face each day with positivity; and that, my friends, is the healthiest way to be.

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