Tips On Making Fitness a Top Priority

Back of a twenty something year old female. Her light brown hair is tied in a long ponytail and she is wearing a bacl vest which shows off the muscles in her back. Her arms are raised above her head and she is exercing on a series of metail bars to increase her upper body strength

Do we really need to be fit? Does exercise really make us fit? These questions may be asked by those who shy away from regular exercise. Of course it’s true, we all want to be fit, who doesn’t want a taut toned and well defined body? However in reality how can you change your approach to exercising and getting fit, in such a way that it starts to become an enjoyable habit?  Take a quick read of these tips on how to make fitness your top priority.

By: Matt Ragland

We live busy lives, shuttling back and forth between home, jobs, social events, and many other commitments. At times, we feel there is no time to exercise, or we have no choice but to grab the convenient food over the healthy food.

Start Small

The first and biggest lie is the mindset that you need to make life-changing, wholesale changes to make a difference. Not so! Even if your diet and fitness habits are non-existent, you can begin to make small changes which can snowball into big results. Consider snow or rain. One flake or drop of water isn’t going to make a big difference, and is easy to dismiss. But compounded by consistency and quantity, they accumulate into a force of nature.

Food Over Fitness

Many people, myself included, tend to flip the equation, prioritizing fitness over food. We use our exercise as an excuse to eat whatever we want and burn the calories off later. While the plan isn’t bad, it’s very short-sighted. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is clearly the best way to live, instead of constantly trying to burn off the donuts you ate.

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