Trek Protein Flapjacks and Protein Energy Bars Review

A selection of 4 Trek protein flapjacks and protein energy bars laid out on a light grey slate background. 2 packets are open revealing the bars and the other two are closed.

When the worlds biggest flapjack fan gets sent a parcel containing protein flapjacks to review you just know it’s gonna be a good day. I mean come on, free flapjacks, that I haven’t had to make, popped through my letterbox, ready to be devoured. AWESOME!

Trek protein flapjacks along with their range of protein energy bars are, as the name would so rightly indicate, packed to the packets with protein. Check out the nutrition blurb on the packet and you’ll spot that each bar contains anything from between 9g up to almost 11g of protein per bar.

The clever little so and so’s at Trek have created their snack bars to suit two very important factors when it comes to exercising. With an optimal 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio, the flapjacks make for perfect post-workout recovery fuel and the energy bars are cold pressed with raw wholefood ingredients which means they are great for endurance exercise as they provide a long lasting source of energy without any of those dreaded sugar spikes. Both are made using gluten-free oats and are suitable for vegans, plus the energy bars also provide 1 of your 5 a day.

I was sent 4 different bars to try out in order to let you lovely lot know what they taste like, so here goes:

Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack

When you peel back the wrapper of a protein flapjack and you spy a smooth brown coating peeping back at ya, you know you’re onto a winner. With its crunchy, coconut, oaty base and a good old helping of chocolate on top, these Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjacks are like the bastard love child of a Bounty and your mum’s best flapjack recipe.  The texture is crunchier than I expected, however I love that you can taste and feel the texture of the coconut and the chocolate topping really helps ‘lubricate’ the bar (well there’s a sentence you don’t read everyday!). A 50g bar is ever so filling, and the chocolate makes it quite rich, so it would be ideal fuel to take on a trek and spread it out with a bite here and there as and when you fancy it.

Nutrition Blurb

  • 234 Calories
  • 9g Protein
  • 12.6g Fat (6.6g of which are saturated)
  • 20.3g Carbs (13.5g of which are sugars)
  • 2.3g Fibre

Morning Berry Protein Flapjack

This tightly packed pale coloured protein flapjack has lovely little flecks of berries running through it. It crumbles easily when you get it out of the packet and although it has a nice sweet berry taste, it is slightly dry for my liking. Having said that, flapjacks aren’t just for fitness fiends, oh no siree they’re also fab for getting you through that mid afternoon slump and these make a fab dunking partner to your afternoon cuppa. Chewy and crunchy at the same time, it kind of tastes a bit like puffed rice exploding in your mouth with each bite.

Nutrition Blurb

  • 216 Calories
  • 10.2g Protein
  • 9.6g Fat (3.1g of which are saturated)
  • 21.1g Carbs (12.3g of which are sugars)
  • 2.3g Fibre

Cocoa Raisin Protein Flapjack

This is the new flavour on the block and oh what a flavour. Topped with chocolate (hooray to that!) and packed with a tonne of juicy big raisins there’s no doubt this one tastes sweeter and contains more sugar than the other protein flapjacks. And at first, I wasn’t too sure about the taste, however this is the grower of the bunch, the one I kept nibbling and picking at when taste testing. It’s the one that feels the most extravagant and the one you’re most likely to choose as a daily snack, rather than as fitness fuel. Chocolate and raisins in a flapjack, in my eyes you can’t really go wrong!

Nutrition Blurb

  • 222 Calories
  • 9g Protein
  • 10.7g Fat (5g of which are saturated)
  • 21.6g Carbs (14.8g of which are sugars)
  • 2.1g Fibre

Peanut Power Protein Energy Bar

First up let’s talk about the genius mastermind that came up with the idea of making this a snappable bar. Yep, this protein energy bar has just made your long run fuelling a hell of a lot easier. Looking like a peanut butter shaped chocolate bar, it has been designed to be eaten in 3 chunks to help fuel you at intervals. And with its slow release energy and its natural whole food ingredients it is a darn sight better than those hideous energy gels!

Smells like caramel, looks like caramel, it’s basically like compacted crunchy peanut butter with a sweet caramel after taste. Yes the sugars are high, but it’s from the natural sugars of the fruit and not from added sugar or syrup. Unlike the flapjacks, this is a cold pressed product, so there is no baking involved. It makes for a slightly chewier bar but there is still a satisfying crunch to it. As well as being gluten free, the Peanut Power Protein Energy Bar is wheat and dairy free too.

A great fuel to slip in your backpack if you’re doing an adventure challenge, as it is packed with lots of energy and is easy to eat as you go along. I definitely plan on taking one out with me on my next long run to see if it makes a difference to how I feel when I run, both during and afterwards.

Nutrition Blurb

  • 203 Calories
  • 10.2g Protein
  • 6g Fat (1g of which are saturated)
  • 25.7g Carbs (21.1g of which are sugars)
  • 3g Fibre

There are currently 7 different flavours of protein flapjack and 4 protein energy bar flavours. They can be bought from most of the major supermarkets. Or why not find out how you can get your mitts on some for free, by checking out our GIVEAWAY below.

*products gifted for review and giveaway.


Ever the one to share my love of flapjacks, I’ve got a fab giveaway coming up that means you too can have the joy of receiving a parcel load of flapjacks in the post for free too!

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