Weekly Extract From My Teenage Diary: 3rd – 9th September

This week’s teenage diary sees the last couple of days of my family holiday in Ibiza followed by going back to school after the summer break. It seems I was obsessed with getting a tan to improve my chances with the boys, which totally didn’t work, well not with the boys I actually wanted anyway!

Reading back over it, it’s so clear how teenage girls were objectified (and probably still are), and at the time in our naive minds we kind of just went along with it, as though it was perfectly acceptable. It saddens me to think I spent so much time trying to fit in with what I presumed boys wanted.

Anyway, deep stuff over, let’s get to the nitty gritty… enjoy!

Saturday 3rd September

A had to go to the doctors because his ear were hurting. We took him along and he had to have his ears syringed. You should have seen the gunk that came out of them, it was disgusting. Anyway, it was some kind of infection so now he has to take antibiotics, paracetamol if it hurts and he has to have ear drops put in morning and night. We later found out that this happens every year as it’s caused by something put in the swimming pool. That is it, there’s no way I’m steeping foot in that swimming pool again.

Sunday 4th September

We had a thunderstorm today meaning we played volleyball in the rain, it was so lush. This is my last day I’ll get to see Mark. I really fancy him, he is so lush. He was singing ‘Wild Thing’ with his friends Andy, James and John. They were doing karaoke in front of the hotel people. He was so good. He puts so much expression into his singing. The thing is later on when I went up to my room I saw Mark and his mate plus two girls that are staying at the hotel. I wouldn’t mind so much except h had his arm round one of them. Piss me off.

Monday 5th September

I’m so knackered after all the travelling, but I still found time to go out. Loads of people have commented on how brown I am. And I’m really pleased, it’s the first time in my life that anyone’s commented on my skin tone before. Me and Sheila went down the park and we got chatted up by two boys we’ve never seen before. I later found out one of them is seventeen and he’s got a kid. On the way back, three men in a jeep waved at us. What is happening, as soon as I’m brown, boys like me. I’ve found out Percy is going out with Laura Foster. What a bitch.

Tuesday 6th September

It was so weird going back to school as I felt like I was new there because I had a tan. Everyone was looking at me for the first time in my life people were noticing me and I liked it. I found out today Percy is going to have sex with Laura on Friday. The thing is I don’t feel anything. Does this finally mean I’ve gone off him? I hope so as it causes too much heartache. That boy was down the field again. Apparently his name is John. I was being really chopsy to him and he ended up asking me to give him a blowjob so I told him to use a vacuum cleaner. I really showed him. Anyway he asked whether we’d be gong tomorrow at 7.30pm.

Wednesday 7th September

We went down the field again, mainly so we could have a really good laugh. We certainly got that. Denise told us today that he’s 20, but it turns out he’s not, he’s actually 15. He is such a drop out. He hasn’t gone to school for three years. He uses the word fuck at least once in every sentence and he smokes. You should see him close up as well, he is such a chimp, he’s boss-eyed. Anyway, there’s absolutely no chance of me fancying him, but we reckon Poppy might because she was really trying to flirt and put on the charm. It was really funny to watch her. What a slag.

Thursday 8th September

I’ve decided that at the moment there’s no one that I really, truly fancy, although there is someone nice in the new sixth form. I think he’s new. He’s got blonde hair and is totally lush. Saw a review of the Take That concert in Big today and they look so awful. Well, it’s only that their hair is different. Robbie’s had a crew cut. Mark’s had his hair cut to how it used to be when they first started and he’s trying to grow a goatee. Howard’s hair’s long and he’s got a beard, in fact he looks like Jesus. Jason’s grown his hair longer and a beard. In fact, Gary now looks the best.

Friday 9th September

It’s back to those boring average days. All the long, hot summer days have gone and now it’s back to dreary normalsville. We had Art today with a new teacher. She’s American and really nice. Nicer than Mrs Castle, if that’s possible. After having her lesson it made me feel really artistic and for some unknown reason it inspired me to start writing stories again. Is that right? I thought she would have inspired me to draw and come up with amazing ideas for sculptures. Anyway, I’m carrying on with my heads and Medusa project, so that’s cool.

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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