Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar – Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve, the last day of our calendar, and I’m guessing you’ll probably fall into 1 of 2 camps:

  1. Those that have been super organised for ages; everything’s bought, written, wrapped and you’re now wallowing in smugness.
  2. Those that have left it until the very last moment and are going into mega meltdown as they realise that a) they still don’t have a clue what to buy anyone and b) everyone else is heading down the pub whilst you’re going to have to hunt around Poundland for anything remotely decent.

Whichever person you are, one thing is for certain and that’s come the evening of Christmas Eve, ready or not, you can finally sink down into your favourite armchair and finally CHILL OUT!

Now is the time to curl up with a hot chocolate, whack on the woodburner, pour yourself another mulled wine and watch The Snowman with the kids – and that my dear friends is the trendiest thing you can be doing right now, ‘cos that right there is soooooo Hygge!


Missed Day 14? Click here for yesterday’s door.

We’d love to hear how you ‘hygged up’ your Christmas Eve, so get in touch!

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