Extracts From My Teenage Diary 29th October – 4th November 1994

When my teenage self ‘falls in love’ (and I put this in inverted commas because seriously I’ve only been going out with him for about a week!) she falls hard, so apologies ‘cos it’s proper full on gushy this week. It’s time for this week’s teenage diary!

Saturday 29th October

Went into Chippenham because Mum at last gave me my allowance. Me and Sheila both bought some hair dye. Mine was mahogany; a kind of red colour, and Sheila’s was black. When we got back we went round to her house and put the dye in. Mine’s gone quite nice actually, but nothing happened to Sheila’s and I think she was a bit disappointed. That night we went down the pub with Sheila, Claudia, Denise, Timothy, Dilbert, Stu and Tucker. Sheila admitted to fancying Tucker even though she’s supposed to be going out with Archibald. She’s really gone off him.

Sunday 30th October

Les and Archibald called round at about 3.oopm. It was so good to see him again. At first it was a bit awkward, but we were soon relaxed. He came over to me and said, “I’m gonna do it properly,” and he got down on his knee and asked me out, it was just the sweetest thing. He bought me a brown fluffy rabbit back from Manchester. I love him so much. He was so embarrassed. He’s such a good kisser as he puts so much passion into it. There’s no words to describe him. He said to me, “I’m so lucky to be going out with a girl like you.” I love him so much.

Monday 31st October

I found out today that Percy is going out with Bernadette and for the first time I didn’t feel any pangs of jealousy. I scored a basket in basketball and had a semi debate with Chuck Wilson who was being his usual self, a bastard. Les was in a weird mood tonight. I thought it was something I’d done because he wasn’t talking to me, but I found out he was pissed off with Archibald because he’s been around him too long. He eventually apologised and we made up in the usual way. We don’t care where we kiss. We do it anywhere. It must be love.

Tuesday 1st November

We all went out again and we called round for Claudia. Les seemed to be in a mood again tonight. I really don’t know what’s wrong. I swear it’s something to do with me. A knows I’m going out with him and coincidentally so do Mum and Dad now. I wonder how they found out. At the end of the night me and Les were kissing at the bus stop and this old bloke that walked past said rather loudly, “lucky boy”. It was so embarrassing. I don’t know how I’m going to face him again.

Wednesday 2nd November

Sheila didn’t come out because she was tired and Claudia couldn’t because she was at her tap dancing lessons. Things got heavy between me and Les. He’s started to grope me now, but that’s such a harsh word to use, because I like it and before he did it he said the sweetest thing. He said, “If I ever put my hands where you don’t want me to put them, just tell me.” How can you not like someone when they treat you as good as that. OK he can be a bit possessive at times, but he’s the sweetest person I know.

Thursday 3rd November

Sheila didn’t come out again because she was babysitting for Geraldine. In a way I wish I hadn’t gone out because Les was in one of his moods again, surprise surprise. I think I’ve figured him out not. It seems that every time I don’t give him a bit of attention and start talking to other people he goes all quiet. I guessed that was why because Archibald said, “I think Les wants you to go and give him some attention.” He’s named his whole fantasy football team after me. Now is that sweet or what. He’s lovely.

Friday 4th November

Tonight wasn’t very successful actually. Les kept pestering me to dance with him and because of all the rumours I’d heard of him not being able to dance, I refused and I think he as a bit put out. I wasn’t very happy tonight. I sometimes get like that and I don’t even know what’s wrong myself and that gets me even more depressed. After the disco we went to the pub and it didn’t get any better because basically Petunia had been slagging me off all night and she continued to do so but this time Timothy and Cuthbert joined in, so when Les had to leave I left as well.

Now I don’t want to disappoint all you teenage diary fans out there, but after this week’s diary teenage me starts to get a bit hit and miss with the old diary writing. I guess once she got a boyfriend she discovered she had better things to be doing than pouring her heart out into the pages of a book. There are a few entries scattered about between November and December so I’ll put them altogether in one final 1994 teenage diary blogpost and then that as they say, is that. I have discovered a 1995 diary, which is also a bit sporadic in it’s writings so I may start sharing that as well, although I  may just have to give it the once over as I suspect things may start to get a little bit more ‘interesting’ shall we say!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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