Resolutions for 2016 #11

In 2016 we will…

Get a body like Beyoncé!

OK let’s firstly state loud and clear that we are not miracle makers. We don’t have some magic formula to transform your body overnight, but what we do know is that if you want to achieve a body like Beyoncé’s you’ve got to be willing to put in some pretty hard work.

Beyoncé is well known for her ‘bootylicious’ body, which she achieves with lots of squats, lunges, circuit training and running. However, if you’re new to exercise you should start off small by slowly introducing 10 minutes of light exercise a day or a few sit ups every morning.  It’s amazing how quickly you can turn 10 minutes into 20 or 20 sit ups into 50 and before you know it you’ll be seeing some definition in your abs, have thighs like steel and you may even notice a difference on the scales too. Hello celebrity body!

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