My Monthly Teenage Diary: December 1993

And just like that we reach the final month of my 1993 teenage diary. This month it seems I have particular agg over the fact Mr Blobby stole the Christmas number 1 slot from my believed Take That – to be fair I kinda agree with my teenage self, still fuming! I’ve got the age old decision of whether to buy presents for people based on whether I think they might buy something for me. And I go and get my first perm…. what can possibly go wrong!?!?!

Wednesday 1st December

Arnold did talk to me, so I wished him a Happy Birthday. I think I did really well in my Geography test. I was the first to finish, which worried me slightly. It probably means that everyone else has got top marks and I haven’t. Miss Waiters my French teacher likes Take That. She fancies Jason and Robbie, but says that Robbie is too young for her. I wonder how old she is? I reckon she’s about 26.

Thursday 2nd December

Today  was supposed to be my lucky day and I suppose really I have had quite a good day. Sheila’s having a party on Xmas Eve. The thing is she doesn’t know whether to invite the boys or not. I hope she does, because it’ll make it a hell of a lot more fun than just a group of girls. There was an idea that we could do Blind Date. I think it’s brilliant. I’ve just got to persuade Sheila.

Friday 3rd December

Sheila’s not doing the Blind Date thing. She thinks it’ll turn out crap, so instead she’s having a girls’ night. GREAT! I got £7.50 for babysitting, so now I can afford this set of tour photos, the advert was in Big. We’ve been given a load of coursework and homework for English and the thing is it’s really hard. How can I survive?

Saturday 4th December

God, talk about hectic. We managed to get the kids to bed by 12.30 and that was hard. They insisted on watching a film. It must’ve been the longest film I’ve ever sat through. Jess has got a cushion with Mark on it, I’m so jealous. If I had one I’d hug it every night in bed. Wendy’s hair looked nice but ewwww you should have seen her dress.

Sunday 5th December

Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. When Mark sang ‘Babe’ I cried, mainly because I wasn’t there and I felt jealous because he was laughing and smiling at everyone else. They won 8 awards; best British band, best group in the world, best pop video, best album, best haircut, best dancer, most fanciable male, best dressed man. Then for best single Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince won but Take That came 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Monday 6th December

Mum’s in a bit of a reg because I forgot to tell her I was going to Sheila’s for tea so she cooked me dinner. There’s two CDs, one’s got a new song on called ‘All I Want Is You’. At first I didn’t like it, but now I think it’s brilliant, but I just can’t for the life of me remember the words. The other CD is a calendar as well. I suppose it’s like a special edition. I’m sorry, but at the moment Mr Blobby is number 1. Arghhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday 7th December

I don’t know where I stand with Mum. I’m almost positive she’s in a mood with me, because she only answers my questions with one word and when they went out this evening none of them even bothered to say goodbye. Percy fancies Tabitha, oh well you win some you lose some. I know all the words to ‘All I Want Is You’ now. It is brilliant.

Wednesday 8th December

The weather was really disgusting today, almost as bad as those storms in October that we had a few years ago. We were supposed to be going shopping in the January sales, but Sheila awkward as she is can’t decide on a date when to go, so I had a rat at her and told her I’d go on my own. We’re sending off a letter to Mizz to ask them if we could style Take That.

Thursday 9th December

We’re hopefully going shopping in January with Betty. I’m really looking forward to Sheila’s party, I just wish there were some decent boys going, but no it’s all girls. Sheila’s getting Betty a Christmas present. I don’t know whether to or not. I’ll probably just wait and see whether she’s got me anything. Nadine bought in a whole load on Take That for Sheila. OK I was a bit jealous, but I’m more angry ‘cos I know Nadine’s just trying to get Sheila off of me.

Friday 10th December

Hand in Dateline Analysis coursework. I had my polio today and it tasted exactly like fairy liquid, it was disgusting. I ended up babysitting on my own because Sheila had to babysit for Elaine. I made my chicken fricaseé and it actually looked OK. Miss Janes said mine had a very glossy sauce. Mary was crying and actually screamed when she had her tetanus, which I think was way over the top.

Saturday 11th December

Went to visit relatives so as to hand out presents and to receive them. Neither Trisha or Lilybeth had wrapped ours up so we couldn’t have them. I bet they don’t send them through the post either. I got my present (birthday) off of Lilybeth. It was a make up bag and brushes. We saw Grandma and she looks really ill. She’s aged tremendously. I hate being around ill people, it makes me feel sorry for them. She’s got a neck collar on to stop her head from falling.

Sunday 12th December

It’s amazing ‘Babe’ is at number 1. I’m just so pleased, Mark must be flabbergasted. I actually got dressed about 12.00 and then I had to do the animals in the pouring rain, so I had a bath afterwards. I watched the Clothes Show to see if I could see Betty and gang but unfortunately I couldn’t. I’ve managed to use my button up dress as a long waistcoat.

Monday 13th December

Been told today that we have to pay 20p for non-uniform day. I suppose that isn’t too bad, because it all goes to charity. Betty bought a hat at the Clothes Show, it sounds OK I suppose. She was saying how she bought Marigold etc. Christmas presents there and how she still had to get some more. I just hope she doesn’t get me anything and if she does that she’ll bring it in before the last day.

Tuesday 14th December

I’ve decided that I really can’t stand Nadine. All the signs mount up to the fact that she’s trying to steal Sheila off of me. I know Sheila’s not an item, but I really need her as a friend. She brings out the best in me. I’m also really pissed off with Wilfred as well because he’s been telling everyone that I cheated on the Maths test. I’ll kill him when I see him.

Wednesday 15th December

I felt bloody awful today.  Mum’s getting me some vitamins because she reckons I’m more prone to colds because I’m a vegetarian. I ignored Wilfred and of course he played the innocent and he eventually got a few answers out of me. He still doesn’t know what he’s done, the bastard. Everyone keeps giving Sheila pieces on Take That. Why won’t anyone give me anything?

Thursday 16th December

Take That were on Top of the Pops and it made me realise that Sheila and I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing at the moment. We were given a surprise Physics test, which I suppose wasn’t too hard, but it would have been easier if we’d had some kind of warning. I’m going to spend £6 tomorrow in Chippenham, which I will put back from my paper round money.

Friday 17th December

We got a fiver for babysitting. That was the easiest fiver I’ve ever earnt. I handed out my cards and I honestly don’t think some people would’ve given me one if I hadn’t given them one. Made chocolate log at school and it tastes really nice, but very sickly. I got a Christmas card off of Tanya and one from Robbie, Jimmy and Charlie which I thought was really sweet.

Saturday 18th December

Got the Christmas tree and because the fairy lights wouldn’t work Dad tried fixing them and ended up with a minor electric shock. Mum just laughed. I forgot Take That were on Live and Kicking, but remembered just in time. They’re on a lot of programmes over the holiday.

Sunday 19th December

We decorated the tree today and because it’s in the conservatory Mum says we can’t put the presents around it because it might get stolen. So I made two sides of a sleigh and we’re sticking them to the coffee table and putting the presents on that. 6 days till Christmas. The 1993 Christmas number 1 = MR BLOODY BLOBBY.

Monday 20th December

My photos came today and they’re totally lush. I’m sure they were taken at our concert. Betty got me a present so I’m going into Malmesbury after school tomorrow to get her something. The weather was horrible today. I can just tell it’s not going to snow for Xmas. I can’t believe Mr Blobby is number 1. I mean how can he get there and gorgeous men can’t. It’s past me.

Tuesday 21st December

I got two level 9’s for my English coursework on Dateline and I’m just so amazed. I think I did quite well in my test as well. Take That are doing a concert in Brussels in March. The thing is it costs £99.50 and I really want to go but I just can’t afford it. Maybe I’ll think of it as beneficial once the concert is over.

Wednesday 22nd December

Non uniform day. I gave out all my presents and I think everyone was pleased with what they got. Noreen wasn’t at school because apparently someone had bashed her in on the bus. Rumor was going round that her parents are going to sue, which to me does seem a bit drastic. School at last is over. The day finished at 2pm so we got home early. Thinking of the worst in two weeks time… it’s back to school.

Thursday 23rd December

I’ve decided I’m going to get my hair done so we’re going into Chippenham tomorrow to hairdressing salons for advice and then booking an appointment. I’ll probably have my hair cut and then permed so that what used to be my fringe will blend in and will be unnoticeable. I don’t care how much it costs. I think Mum will pay for about £10 of it, but I mean I’ll have some for January shopping anyway.

Friday 24th December

Sheila’s party 7.30-10.30pm. I’m getting my hair cut on Thursday at Centre Stage. It’s costing about £48 but I don’t mind because she says it’ll last about a year. Went to Sheila’s party. It was OK I suppose, a bit boring really because of the slight lack of boys. She really should have invited some. I mean Twigs is OK.

Saturday 25th December

Take That didn’t phone me up, I’m so depressed. I sat through the whole 2 hours on the edge waiting for the phone to ring, but it  didn’t. They didn’t phone anybody. They were basically just DJ’s  for the day. There was snow on the ground this morning, but it soon melted by the rain.

Christmas List

  • Mum and Dad – Part TV, Part Coat, Sock, Address Book, Tweezers, Hot Brush and Curling Tongs, Gloves, Leather Bag, Smellies.
  • Sheila – Five Year Diary, Take That Calendar.
  • Grandma and Grandad – £20.
  • Jill – Sponge, Rubber, Bath Foam.
  • Betty – 2 Bubblebaths (Boots).
  • Noreen – Candle and Name Badge.
  • Janey – Smellies (Boots).
  • Nicola and Family – Dewberry Collection.
  • Claudia – Smellies (CTG).
  • Mary – Chocolate Buttons.
  • Veruca – Soaps and Candle.
  • Petunia – Broom Ornament.
  • Wilfred – Diary.
  • Timothy – Perfume.
  • Grandad – Drawers, Diary, £15.
  • Aunty Karen – £5, Photo Frames, Malteasers.
  • A – Smellies.
  • Other Family – Chocolate, Smellies and Sponge, Boots Vouchers.

Sunday 26th December

Sheila phoned and told me she only got £40 off of her dad which means she’s only got about £85 to spend next Tuesday. She’s going to have the ends of her hair permed by her aunt for £5. The thing is it obviously won’t last very long, mind you a fivers hardly anything so she’s not really losing out on anything.

Monday 27th December

I’ve been really bored. I’ve completely run out of things to do. I’m going to Chippenham with Sheila tomorrow, but I can’t spend any money, so it does seem a bit pointless, but it’s a whole lot better than staying at home. Sheila’s going to phone the Body Shop and ask whether me, her and Betty can have a makeover when we go into Bristol. It’ll be really smart if they give us one each, ‘cos then I’ll look cool as well as my hair.

Tuesday 28th December

We phoned up the Body Shop and we’re all having a makeover at 11am. I really can’t wait. If they make me up to look really nice I might consider buying some make up. We’re also going to go into the shops such as Miss Selfridges and try on all the expensive gear just for the hell of it. I mean we don’t have to buy anything.

Wednesday 29th December

Sheila comes over. She came for about 2 hours and then went to babysit for Winnie, which I thought was a real cheek. If it had been me I wouldn’t have babysat and even if I had she would be in a major mood with me. I have to do my paper round on New Year’s Day and I know straight away that Sheila won’t get up and help me. She is like that. And then has the nerve to say I wouldn’t do it for her.

Thursday 30th December

Hairdressers 10am. I must admit I was really nervous, but I suppose it’s OK. As soon as I got home I tied it back off my face and now all the fringe has gone dead straight, which is really pissing me off. It cost me £50 for crying out loud. I’d probably wear it tied back anyway but that’s not the point. Let’s just say it didn’t really turn out how I wanted it to. Oh well it’s only £50 (sarcastic).

Friday 31st December

I went back and got my hair redone. Apparently I shouldn’t have tied it back so soon, so now I have to wait 2 days before I can wash it or tie it back. It seems really weird that a year has passed and thinking about it so much has happened, which has made me feel more like an adult. Anyway let’s hope ’94 is my year.

*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

Can’t quite believe it’s all over?

Well, you could of course go back and read it all together…

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