Resolutions for 2016 #23

In 2016 we will…

Check the sell by dates!

If you’re anything like me, your kitchen cupboards will be absolutely jam packed with tins, packets and jars that contain enough food to survive a zombie apocalypse, nuclear war or any other disaster that is equally as unlikely to happen. Drawn in by BOGOF’s, half price offers and other supermarket promotions I buy things simply because it feels like I’m getting a bargain. And, more often than not, it’s a product that I’ll use once before it’s banished to the back of the cupboard, along with my other impulse buys – Chinese five spice, Bouquet Garni teabags and heart shaped pasta to name but a few!

I decided to have a clear out the other day, mainly down to the fact I was nearly knocked unconscious when a precariously stacked tin of beans came hurtling at me when I opened the door. Yes, there really was that much stuff in there. So armed with a carrier bag, my marigolds and an ‘I can do this’ attitude I delved into the dark depths to discover what was lurking at the back. I am ashamed to say I got rid of half of what was in that cupboard, in fact I’m surprised most of it hadn’t grown legs and walked out itself; it was that old. Red lentils with a sell by date of Aug 2011, semolina best before Nov 2012, honestly the list went on and on and I truly felt awful that all this food had gone to waste.

I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to overstocking the kitchen cupboards, so if this sounds like you I want you to join me and make a vow that from now on you’ll stick to these three golden rules:

  1. Rotation – Always move older food to the front of the cupboard and put new products at the back.
  2. Require – Only buy what you actually need.
  3. Resist – Don’t buy things just because they’re on offer.

There are so many people in the UK who struggle to find enough money to feed themselves and their families, either relying on food banks and other charities or in really extreme cases having to go hungry. Stock piling food is not a smart way to shop, as it adds to the millions of food that gets wasted each year, the packaging adds to the vast amount of rubbish that is sent to land fill and from a personal point of view there is also an increased risk of food poisoning, through using products that may have gone out of date without your realising.

So remember: Rotation, Require and Resist. We can do this!

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