Opening Up My Teenage Diary: 10th – 16th September 1994

Oh what it was like to be a teenager growing up in the countryside, where ‘fun’ was considered to be bashing a bag of blackberries around with your mates. Better than hanging around bus shelters drinking White Lightening I suppose, although I can’t guarantee that didn’t happen as well. It’s teenage diary time…

Saturday 10th September

I stayed over at Sheila’s the night because we thought that we’d have to babysit late, but in actual fact they got back at about 10.30pm so we only got two pound fifty each, which hardly seemed worth it. I’m going into Chippenham with Sheila on Monday. I went in today with Mum, Dad and A, but I didn’t really enjoy it because I didn’t have enough time to buy anything. I only bought two films for my camera so I can take loads of pictures when we go to The Big Bash. I went to the library and got about 7 books out and we also ordered my carpet. it’s a kind of bluey purple colour.

Sunday 11th September

We didn’t get up until about 2.30pm and I must admit I didn’t feel too good for it. The song that was always playing in Ibiza is now number one here, meaning Wet Wet Wet have been knocked off without breaking the record of 16 weeks. Gary and Timothy called round so we got Sheila out and this may sound sad but we all went blackberrying. It was a real laugh though because we picked them and put them in a plastic bag then we thought it would be funny if we squashed them. So we did and then kept chucking the bag and watching the mess squeeze out the holes.

Monday 12th September

I’ve come to the conclusion that Percy may fancy me after all. I think he only went out with Laura Foster because I wasn’t there. Today he was talking about having a party so we said he should have it on my birthday. Anyway, him and Sheila were talking in RE and he said, “we’ll have to make people pay” and Sheila said, “we can’t make Rebecca pay” and he said, “she can pay in another way”. Anyways you want mate. John and his mates were down the park. I suppose they aren’t that bad when you get talking to them. I thought for a moment Gary fancied me because he was really chatting me up, but we think he likes Sheila.

Tuesday 13th September

Went down the park again and John and his lot were down there. He now calls me belly button because I was wearing a midriff top and he said it was distracting him from his football. He later said he’d shag me and Sheila reckons she heard Carl say he would as well which I hope isn’t true because he goes to the same school as me. I guess they are alright once you get talking to them but I’d never go out with any of them. Archibald’s the nicest; he’s dead sweet. He’s got the looks and the personality, but he’s three years younger than me.

Wednesday 14th September

Poppy and Sally told us today about a youth club trip which involves catching a boat from Bristol Docks then going somewhere – they reckon Southampton but I’m not sure – then going to a massive party until about 3 in the morning. It cost £10. Anyway, I asked Mum and Dad whether I could go, but Dad said I needed to find out more details, meaning I’ll have to go to youth club on Friday instead of to the cinema. But Dad has basically said I can’t go if it’s an all night party because he says I’m not old enough and also that he won’t pick me up from Bristol at 3am. What a tosser.

Thursday 15th September

I’ve got such a secret that has to remain so secret that I’m not even sure whether I should be writing it in here because if anyone found out I’d be dead. We considered going to the cinema on Friday, but we couldn’t get lifts. This then resulted in me and Sheila going to youth club. This then changed to going to the ice skating disco at the Link Centre, but again there was the problem of lifts and the fact we’re all skint. Well now we’ve finally reasoned on having a party at Timothy’s house. The thing is me and Sheila are in the middle of making a decision. Yes or No?

Friday 16th September

I’m almost too ashamed to write about what happened. Basically I got drunk, worse than I’ve ever been before. Well the thing is as soon as Percy paid me a little attention I couldn’t leave hm alone. I didn’t actually get off with him, but some of the things I said to him are just so embarrassing. I told him I wanted him. I asked him what he thought of me. I was like kissing him on the neck, but after a while he got pissed off and left me. Well by the time I got back to Timothy’s I was crying and Sheila had to comfort me. After a while, Percy came over to apologise and I was saying stuff such as I hate myself and I’m so stupid. I ended up wrapped in bed, with clothes, him feeling me.

Really wish I knew what that secret was!?!?! Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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