My Weekly 1994 Teenage Diary Saturday 19th – Friday 25th February

I love Fridays, I’m guessing just as much as you lovely lot do, because Friday’s mean cracking open the lock on my 1994 teenage diary and discovering what I was up to this time last week… 26 years ago (God that makes me feel old!!!)

In this week’s 1994 teenage diary I am still Take That obsessed (sorry folks, until a boy comes properly on the scene I reckon Take That are here to stay for a while), I’m stressing about only getting B’s in my coursework (like, really!?!), and a boy invites me to pose nude for him so that he can draw me (lamest chat up line ever!).

Worth a read, purely to see what on earth happened with that. Enjoy!

Saturday 19th February

Went into Chippenham manly to get Dad’s birthday present, but I also needed something for school and I wanted to get a refund for my ticket. We did try, but it was shut. In other words they’ve run off with our money. What con merchants! Apparently someone who I delivered a bill to earlier this week shot himself because he owed a lot of money to various people. Oldham beat Barnsley 1 – 0 in the FA cup which means they’ve now gone into the quarter finals, which is really cool. Sheila’s staying the night. She did ask me to her house but I said I had a lot of homework but she could come over here. Delilah doesn’t even know I’m going to the concert. Sheila hasn’t told her. Great!

Sunday 20th February

I can’t believe it. There was this programme on TV about getting value for money and there were these two girls who’d bought tickets to see Take That but had paid £35 a ticket and the tickets were fake. Anyway they were given 2 free tickets and backstage passes to see Take That. It’s so unfair. Some people get all the luck. Nothing like that ever happens to me. I’d die to meet them, mind you that would be no good. We worked it out that the concert is 7 months, 3 days away. We’re going to take a banner made out of sheet and Sheila’s going to smuggle a camera in.

Monday 21st February

Went into Swindon, mainly to get me some new school uniform, but I could also spend some of my allowance in advance. I saw Lucille and Lulu, how embarrassing. And I also saw Kim in the changing rooms of Topshop. My Take That concert tickets arrived today but it said on the tickets you couldn’t take cameras in so that’s ruined that idea. I was supposed to buy some new trousers or a skirt but instead I got a flared sleeve top and a grey cardigan. They were from BHS and C&A so if anyone asks I’ll say they’re from Topshop. For myself, I bought a really short denim skirt and a really lush tight t-shirt.

Tuesday 22nd February

Sheila came into school today with Ryan Giggs’s autograph. She’d sent off for it. I’m sending off for Ryan Giggs, Ian Walker, and Craig Fleming. I really hope they reply, it would really make my day. Iris Johnson has got tickets to see Take That at Wembley and she reckons she’s in block 1R, which is either right at the front or right at the back and I’m just hoping it’s right at the back. I don’t mean to be horrible it’s just she’s so bigheaded, I couldn’t stick it. I’m going on this art trip tomorrow which in a way is really good because I get to miss double French and Geography but it will probably be boring. Oh well.

Wednesday 23rd February

I got a letter telling me how I can get the original Do What U Like single so I’m giving Sheila the money and she’s sending it off tomorrow. I’m getting the 12″ which has the song which I’ve never heard before Waiting Around and Sheila’s getting the cassette. I went to the Arnolfini art gallery in Bristol and we had to draw some of the pieces. Percy had drawn loads so he decided to draw me, which meant him having to keep looking at me! At the end he said, “I’m always looking for people to pose nude” so I laughed and later on the bus he said, “the offer’s still open” and I said, “maybe I’ll draw you”. Is that flirting or what?

Thursday 24th February

Today has been really awful! We spent a whole double lesson in Physics taking down results only to find that we hadn’t, we had in fact been repeating our predictions. So we spent a double lesson doing sod all. So we have to go in one lunchtime and take results because this coursework has to be in by Thursday. We also got our Biology test results back and I only got 26 out of 42 which was a level 8, but I mean some people got a level 10. I just don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve hardly done any homework this week and I just can’t seem to be bothered to put all my effort into my work. I seem to have lost all interest.

Friday 25th February

I got my mark back from my coursework on The Ancient Mariner and I only got a level 8. I know that’s a B and I should be proud of it but I was really hoping for a level 9. I was going to stay at Sheila’s this weekend but I’ve got so much homework that I can’t. I’m really slacking. I keep leaving it all to the last minute and then when I get bad test results, I can’t be bothered to revise. The thing that really annoys me is that Marcus doesn’t even revise but he still ends up getting level 9 – 10. I’ve discussed it with Sheila and we’ve decided that we’re going to ask the others not to buy Easter eggs because I really can’t afford it.


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