Teenage Diary Extracts: Saturday 9th April – Friday 15th April 1994

Oh woe is me, I’m the most unlucky teenager known to humankind. Unlucky in competitions, unlucky in love, and unlucky in life in general. Yep, it’s time for this week’s teenage diary extracts!

Enjoy my luverlies 🙂

Saturday 9th April

I didn’t win the competition. I mean it’s no surprise or anything, it’s just that I had this kind of hunch that I might just win. He pulled out the same type of postcard as the one I sent but someone won it who lived in Northern Ireland. I just don’t seem to have any luck at all. The Grand National ran today so we took bets between the family and shared the horses out equally. Whoever won would win £2, but yet again me, Miss Luckless, lost. Mainly because none of my horses finished. Dad won. I didn’t do any of my homework today and I know that I’ll be really panicking tomorrow that I won’t get it all done but I don’t really care at the moment.

Sunday 10th April

Mum has put us all on a strict healthy diet and to tell you the truth I’m really glad she has because over Easter I have put on half a stone in weight, meaning I now weigh nine and a half stone, which is more than Mum weighs. If I could, I’d like to be eight stone but that would mean me having to lose one and a half stone and I just don’t think I can do that. Oldham played Man Utd in the  FA Cup semi finals. It got to extra time at 0-0 then Pointon scored for Oldham and at that point I honestly thought Oldham had pulled it off but in the last couple of minutes Hughes scored for Man U, so it has to go to a rematch.

Monday 11th April

I’m  so stressed out! We’ve been told about some of our end of term exams and I don’t think I can cope. It’s getting too much for me. I tried getting Mum’s comments for my biography English coursework and she’s so crap she couldn’t think of anything to say so I ended up in a mood with her and told her I’d make it myself. Saw Percy at school and he didn’t even say ‘hello’ to me. I just can’t believe he said he’d phone me during Easter but he didn’t. I knew from the start deep down in my heart that he wouldn’t. I’m just a mug. I still fancy him though. He’s had his hair cut and it doesn’t suit him as much as his old one but he’s still as cute and as cuddly as he’s always been. I just wish he’d make a move.

Tuesday 12th April

I’ve got a place in Swindon Evening Advertiser for work experience. Someone else who was going had to drop out because they couldn’t get any transport to Swindon. I’m only going for three days but three days is better than no days. I got my anthology booklet from the enrichment weekend and it was good apart from one thing. They put someone else’s name under one of my poems. I gave it to Mrs Davidson to read so I’ve got wait until Friday again until I get it back. Percy spoke to me a little bit today, not much but I don’t care, just hearing his voice is a plus. I hope he goes on this Art trip. He’s lush.

Wednesday 13th April

Oldham lost 1-4 against Man United which means I’m going to get a load of jip off of Sheila tomorrow. We’ve been given loads of information about our exams and I’m really wondering whether I’ll be able to cope. I’ve got five different subjects to revise for and it’s on everything we’ve done this year. I’m not too worried about Maths and English because you can’t really revise for that, but French, German and Geography is just impossible. I really should start revising now but I’m finding it hard to make the effort. I know I will start tomorrow. That’s a promise. Hey, it’s my future, I should be doing something to make sure it’s a good future.

Thursday 14th April

We dissected a kidney in Biology and it smelt absolutely disgusting. Mind you, I still enjoyed doing it. I know that sounds awful, I mean that kidney once belonged to a baby lamb, but they were shop bought so someone would’ve eaten them anyway. Mind you it was a bit of a waste on our behalf because we dissected them and then they got thrown away. I’ve decided I want my room decorated meaning I’ll have to make the sacrifice of taking down all my Take That posters, but to be quite honest it does look a bit tacky. I’d much rather have a really nice decor. I also want some shelves put up.

Friday 15th April

I’m finally beginning to give up on Percy liking me. I’ve seen him flirt to other girls like he does me. I’ve never seen him before but it’s made me realise that he  probably only likes me as a friend so acts accordingly when he’s flirting with me. I’ll just have to wait until Mr Right comes along. I thought Percy was Mr Right but he obviously isn’t. It would probably be easier if I went out with someone who didn’t go to our school that way people need never know and start delving into my personal life. Mind you I suppose I should be grateful for anyone liking me. It’s really embarrassing but I’ve never been out with anyone. That says it all really.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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